For the next 30 days I will be focusing on 30 Days of Ritual.  Within that process, I will also be incorporating 30 Days of Isis Oracle utilizing the Isis Oracle Deck.   I will be adding consistent journaling and meditative processes and rituals as well.  This will be a very informative experience for personal and spiritual growth to anyone who follows along.

I will be using the Isis Oracle Deck during this journey, due to its ability to instantly connect me to divine feminine, mother goddess energies and it’s many insights on spirituality and ritual practices.

ISIS ORACLE DECKToday is Spring Equinox 2017, the first day of the new astrological year and the beginning of a new 9 year cycle at the time of a Great Spiritual Awakening.  We begin this new day with the Lady of the Stars, Isis Oracle card.

When this card appears, it signifies the presence of the Goddess Isis herself, the Priestess of the star Sirius and a very spiritual work is in process and at hand in your life.  The Spirit of the Priestess is upon you and you can expect to be gifted with high vibrations of love, wisdom and spiritual power!  You are an ancient soul, with Ancestors from the Sirius Star System and able to resonate with those frequencies and ground them in the earth.

Connect with your Spirit Guide

If you have been seeking to connect with your Spirit Guide, the Lady of the Stars card is your answer.  Connect with the Priestess in any of her forms, especially the Goddess Isis.  You are being called into the Priesthood, a position of great responsibility and tremendous reward.  As a Priestess you will need to learn to use your spiritual tools and develop your spiritual gifts.  Trust the guidance you receive through your intuition, and you will know what to do each step of the way.

Your Ancestors are from Sirius

When you pull this card, you can trust that Sirius is your soul star.  This means by meditating and focusing on the Soul Star Sirius, you can tap into your own inner light, spiritual guidance and wisdom in it’s highest forms.  Meditating on the star Sirius will prove to be a Gateway and a Portal to higher vibrations, higher dimensions, and higher beings of wisdom and light.  Your Ancestors are here.  Your Spirit Guides are here.  Connect with them now.  They are calling on you.

You are Being Called as an Initiate

Call upon the Priestess and Lady of the Stars, Isis to help you connect.  Write out your intentions and put them on a altar before you.  Use this card as a symbol of the Priestess and focus and meditate upon her to help you connect.  She will connect with you and she will make her presence known in your life in new and profound ways.

This card is a sign that you are an Initiate of the Priestess and you are an ancient soul with many latent gifts.  This initiation, once answered will direct you along the path of strengthening your gifts and finding true fulfillment in answering the call of your Soul and offering your gift of healing and service to the world.

(The card that appears along side the Lady of the Stars card today is the Talismans of Potency card, Charging Sacred Objects of Power.)

Lady of the Stars Ritual

The Lady of the Stars Ritual includes a candle, a quartz crystal and an incantation to the Goddess Isis.  To learn more about these and other rituals, see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle Deck.

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