The Ancestor Oracle & Energy Clearing Combo is an Ancestor Reading using the Ancient Egyptian Oracle and comes with a guided meditation specifically designed to assist you in clearing and releasing negative energy that is blocking you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Egyptian Oracle board is based on the Ancestors or Gods of the Egyptian (Kemetic) Pantheon and comes from the direct perspective and insight of your Ancestor Spirits, Guides, Angels and Inner Wisdom from your Higher Self.

EGYPTIAN ORACLEThese readings will deal directly with your heart and soul, where you stand within your integrity and how balanced you are.  Each tile contains symbolic glyphs which represent the spiritual and philosophical ideas of the Ancient Egyptians.  By getting an Egyptian Oracle Reading you will ensure that you are pursuing the most effective source in knowing and confirming your spiritual soul mission on earth.

Using this board has been a tremendous source of strength to my clients and I for getting straight answers, divine guidance and warnings from Ancestor Spirits who guide and care for our souls.

This is a wonderful oracle for:

  • Confirming Hunches and Premonitions
  • Spiritual and Magickal Initiation
  • Communicating with Your Ancestors & Loved Ones
  • Receiving Warnings and Admonitions
  • Receiving Guidance and Correction
  • Identifying Paranormal Activity

The Ancestor Reading Comes with an Energy Clearing Session 50% OFF!

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I utilize Hypnotherapy and mental anchoring techniques to assist you in identifying and releasing mental, emotional and spiritual blocks.  These blocks hinder you from moving forward in life and can be easily removed and replaced with anchoring new thoughts through repetition and belief.

This process consists of deep relaxation, guided meditation and a recorded session on MP3 for you to playback and keep!

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  • One 60 Minute Ancient Egyptian Tarot Reading $75
  • One 90 Minute Hypnotherapy Session $62.50 (LIMITED TIME ONLY!)

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