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Full Moon in Taurus

Ancestor money

Tonights a Super Full Moon in Taurus.

Im giving special thanks for the many blessings and manifestations Ive had this year including my trip to Egypt, my marriage to my highschool sweetheart and the first installment of my $10,000 wish.

Tonight I burned $80,000 in ancestor money in honor of my mother, my grandparents and my godparents who are all deceased as well as my father inlaw.

I also recharged my money mojo jar with a fresh candle and more intention.

Feel free to contact me for a personal hypnotherapy session, tarot reading or mentoring in magick and spiritual development.


How to Remember Dreams

This is your daily dream proclamation on how to remember dreams.  Recite these proclamations daily.  When you awake from a dream, write it down immediately.  Practice as a way of life, to become fully conscious in your sleep.  Enjoy!

I am remembering my dreams.

I am programming my subconscious mind to remember my dreams in full detail.

I have a very strong sense of recall.

My dreams are my higher self communicating with my lower self, to keep me connected to myself and in tune with myself.

When this connection is being hindered or disrupted, my dreams will let me know.

My dreams reveal things to my conscious mind that I can’t normally see.  My dreams are filled with great insight to give me guidance and direction.

I am lucid in my dreams and able to change the things I do not want.

My dreams are my free will zone and are completely under my control and governed by my higher self with my best interest at heart.

I take joy in knowing that the power to dream is a gift and an opportunity to expand and grow.

The more control I have in my dreams, programs and sets my tone and vibration to control my own reality.

I always take consistent and positive action in my dreams and I can feel these effects in my waking reality, raising my vibration and assisting me in being the person I desire to be.  And so it is!



Freedom from the Matrix

We live in a Free Will Zone as Sovereign Gods in a Free Universe.

The following revocation will clear all psychic contracts or mental agreements you have made knowingly and unknowingly with the world you exist in. By revoking those agreements you heighten your own awareness of the forces seeking to block your ability to manifest your intentions both internally and externally.

Understand that you limit your ability to manifest your truest intentions while harmonizing and vibrating with frequencies working against you both known and unknown.

Use this Daily Revocation to declare your intention to revoke all psychic contracts and mental agreements you have knowingly and unknowingly  invoked by your own free will and declare your intention to be a conscious co-creator in harmony with universal consciousness and universal law.

Daily Revocation for Sovereign God Free Beings in a World of Artificial Intelligence Technology and Low Frequency Mental Programming by the Media  

Download Here: Revocation for Sovereign Beings

I am a Sovereign and Divine Free Will Being and I hereby join with my divine I AM presence who is my Highest Self and the Christ Consciousness dwelling in me to declare that I am Sovereign and Free.

I am created in the image of my Creator as a co-creator in conformity with Universal Law and accept my responsibility for all of my creations.  I hereby request that all of my benevolent Ancestors in conformity with Universal Law join with me this day to work for my release from all agreements and psychic contracts that I have made, both known and unknown, with those who oppose universal law and seek to destroy the Creator’s divine creations.

I hereby request and decree that my I AM Presence and Sovereign God Free Will be upheld as I move forward to take authority over my creations and use my Sovereign God Free Will to create life experiences that are in conformity with Universal Law, Oneness and Love for All.

I do also request that all my Guardians, Emissaries, Benevolent Angelic Beings, and Forces of Nature within the sound of my voice and tone of my vibration, join with my I AM Presence and Sovereign God Free Will to remove all forces and technologies working to suppress my co-creative abilities and my right to exist free from oppression, interference and subjugation.

I ask that my request be recorded in the Akashic Record as I have declared it this day…And so it is!

How to Clear Dream Manipulation

This article will assist those of you who have been suffering with reoccurring bad dreams caused by dream manipulation.  Here, you will learn the causes for this occurrence, and exactly what needs to be done to clear yourself of unwanted dreams, and begin using lucid dreaming as a way to subconsciously manifest your waking reality.

I have been observing and recording my dreams for over 10 years.  In the process I have been able to analyze, categorize and interpret them.  I have also discovered a new category which I have identified as Dream Manipulation with Artificial Intelligence Technology.  Others have also associated this phenomena with “dream engineering.”

Instead of going into what is artificial intelligence technology, how it effects dreaming and if this is really possible, I will focus on dream manipulation as a fact of reality because the technology has far advanced beyond a future possibility and has for years become a chronic nightmare for those who suffer from it and suspect it exists.  This article is for them and for those interested in lucid dreaming.  The subject matter of AI Technology is dense with research and I encourage those with sincere interest to look into it.  (Image Source:  The Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence)

However, I will say that awareness is growing in the dream observation community and for those of us who have experience lucid dreaming and interacting with the technology, there is a way out.  We do not have all the answers because we are the forerunners of those consciously interacting with the technology and the strides we make to take back our dream state will forever pave the way for those seeking relief behind us.

Why Dream Manipulation is an Issue?

Dream manipulation is an issue because it uses extremely low frequency waves (ELF) which interact with our subconscious minds on a creative level.  These low frequencies, when projected, are received as brain wave signals, interacting with the brain and literally lowering the state of consciousness.  When this happens, it is experienced as unwanted or bad dreams.  Reoccurring bad dreams effect the dreamers waking reality and keeps the individual trapped in an energy bubble of low frequency and unwanted bad experiences during waking life.

The big secret they don’t want you to know is the purpose of dreaming.  Dreams create reality in conscious waking life.  If you are able to become lucid in your dream state, you have the God given potential to shape and formulate your waking reality.  Your subconscious mind is your most powerful creative resource and therefore gives tremendous incentive, as well as, economic advantage to those who seek to manipulate it.  Dream technology is being suppressed in the same way that free energy and other human potential advancement systems have been and are being suppressed.

It is important that you are aware of your dreams and also that you develop your ability to master your dream life.  Your dream state should reflect your waking reality and should be congruent with who you are and who you desire to become.  Many people have remained trapped in old ways of being, feeling powerless to change over many years because they are not aware of their dreams.  Many more people seeking higher consciousness are unable to experience the life they desire because they do not realize their conscious efforts are being undermined by dream manipulation and artificial intelligence technology.  (See:  Stephen Hawking Worried about AI Technology)

lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is the Goal

Controlling your dreams is called Lucid Dreaming.  Most people you talk to say they don’t remember their dreams.  Then there are those few people who have vivid fantastic dreams they remember in every detail.  Finally, there is the small number of people, the lucid dreamers, who can control what happens in their dream state.

Lucid dreaming is the most powerful experience I have ever had in dream state.  Each time I have been lucid, I was overcoming some deep fear or anxiety by taking control over it and realizing my true inner strength and power.  These lucid dreams have occurred at points when I have felt most in control of my life or at times when I realized I needed to gain control.

My lucid dreams have always been short lived or thwarted by AI Technology.  I do not say I am a special person being targeted per say, because this technology affects all of us but what makes me different is that I monitor and record my dream state in comparison to the vast majority of people who consider dream state insignificant or just cant remember them due to suppression technology.

So, for those of you who understand how the subconscious mind creates your reality, and realize the importance of the dream state and how it has a great bearing on the vibrational frequency you carry, you can appreciate how important it is that you develop to a point of dream awareness and ultimate lucidity.  We were created to be lucid dreamers and fully conscious co-creators of life.  The entire purpose of life is to explore and advance human potential and spiritual evolution but from this reality, we are being denied.

How to Become a Lucid Dreamer

There is only one way to get control of your dream state and that is to will it by your intention.  Your dreams are being suppressed and manipulated against your will without your knowing and this understanding gives you back your power and the ability to control your own dreams at will.

  • First, know that it is your God given right to dream.
  • Secondly, know that you have the God given right to be lucid in your dreams.
  • Third, you must declare your God given sovereign right as a universal free being and demand that you be released from the artificial intelligence low frequency manipulation that you are being subjected to both known and unknown.
  • Fourth, you must call on your Ancestors who are genetically and vibrationally connected to you who have the power to assist you in being released.  These include your guardians, your higher self and the Creator.  By activating this principle, you activate genetic encoding that enables your Ancestors to actively participate with you in gaining true Sovereignty.
  • Finally, you must will yourself to remember and be aware of your dreams.  Dream awareness is a responsibility, as well as, a necessity for conscious and aware beings who live in a world of technology that is impossible to monitor or control.  

As a Sovereign Free Will Being it is your responsibility to be aware of your personal energy field and how it is being effected by the world around you.  This includes the media who continuously emits low frequency waves through the airwaves and is channeled through music, television and the internet to keep society in a low frequency bubble of war, hate, racism, division and lewdness.  As a sovereign and free will being, it is your responsibility to voice your dissent by disengaging your support for the low frequency mental programming by the media and by doing your part to help expose the truth.

By refusing to do so, you unknowingly consent and enter into psychic contracts and energetic vibratory  prisons which keep you locked into low frequency thought and behavior with the inability to govern your own energy field and act as a sovereign free will being and co-creator of your own life experience in harmony with Universal Law.


To break these psychic contracts and agreements.  I am including the following Dream Manipulation and Media Propaganda Revocation:

I am a Sovereign and Divine Free Will Being and I hereby join with my divine I AM presence who is my Highest Self and the Christ Consciousness dwelling in me to declare that I am Sovereign and Free.

I am created in the image of my Creator as a co-creator in conformity with Universal Law and accept my responsibility for all of my creations.  I hereby request that all of my benevolent Ancestors in conformity with Universal Law join with me this day to work for my release from all agreements and psychic contracts that I have made, both known and unknown, with those who oppose universal law and seek to destroy the Creator’s divine creations.

I hereby request and decree that my I AM Presence and Sovereign God Free Will be upheld as I move forward to take authority over my creations and use my Sovereign God Free Will to create life experiences that are in conformity with Universal Law, Oneness and Love for All.

I do also request that all my Guardians, Emissaries, Benevolent Angelic Beings, and Forces of Nature within the sound of my voice and tone of my vibration, join with my I AM Presence and Sovereign God Free Will to remove all forces and technologies working to suppress my co-creative abilities and my right to exist free from oppression, interference and subjugation.

I ask that my request be recorded in the Akashic Record as I have declared it this day…And so it is!

Unity Consciousness & Releasing Duality

You cannot go into unity consciousness with a duality mindset.  Many of you are struggling at this time to release your attachments to the people around you who are holding you back from being who you truly are.  It’s time to make a distinction between unity consciousness and a duality mindset.

Its time for you to make a decision to walk in complete self love and full self expression without fear and without  worrying about what other people think.  It’s time to be courageous!  It’s time to be who YOU are!

Its time for you to let go of the people around you who have been holding you back with their negative thinking and duality mindset.

These are the people who say one thing and do another. These are the people who make promises and don’t keep them. These are the people who take from you and don’t give back. These are the people who drain you of your energy and zap you of your life force.

The fire is stirring up in these relationships at this time to let you know that it’s time to let go and move on. Its time to walk away in love and affirm who you are. Know within yourself that it is okay to leave them where they are because they have chosen not to move forward with you at this time.

However, you have asked to receive more in your experience and now is your time to embrace it as you move forward embracing who you truly are and releasing your old way of being.

Holding on to duality only causes you to go back and forth, up and down. The energy is inconsistent which makes your thoughts, feelings, relationships and circumstances inconsistent.

Release these attachments and move on, then you will be in the flow of consistency, oneness with yourself and who you truly are.  This flow will lead you to unity consciousness, complete self love and the fullness of abundance in ALL that you’ve been wanting!  Now is your time!  Release and let go! And so it is!

Special Invocation for Those who are Suffering

Some of you have been struggling with repeated attacks and reoccurring cycles of negative and vampiric people coming into your experience.  These people knowingly and unknowingly repeatedly seek to drain you of your life force energy.  As soon as you remove one, another one appears.  This is not any reflection on you if you are consistently working to rid yourself of these low vibrating, life sucking forces.  Some of you have an assignment against you from forces unseen, I am sorry to say, because you will do a tremendous work to help free others once you yourself are free.

It’s time to take action!  I join with you, as we call upon the forces of my Higher Self and your Higher Self with the assistance of all of our Ancestors who love and support us in our highest intention for our highest good that any and all attacks against you in the area of your sovereign intention to be free from unloving and unsupportive spirits cease and desist!  Together we agree that any contracts or agreements you have made with these people are now null and void.  We insist that all past karma be cleared and as of this present now moment you be declared sovereign and free!

May the grace of all that is in harmony with universal law, love and peace abide upon you now!  May new courage, new strength, and new love radiate within you, around you, and in all that you attract into your life from this moment forward.  And so it is!  And so let it be done!

The FIRM System!

Learn How to Manifest!

The Firm System

Join me for 30 Days of Focused Intention on Manifesting, Using My “Power Packed” 30 Day System!


What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is using the power of the mind, will and the emotions to bring things into being. We manifest all the time without thinking about it, but the key to Intentional Manifesting is activating these three principles each time.

The Four Keys

There are four keys to manifesting which are:

  • The Air Element – Activation of the Mind
  • The Water Element – Activation of the Emotions
  • The Fire element – Activation of the Will; and
  • The Earth Element – The Actual Manifestation itself

By using these four keys consistently, you will unleash the power you possess to manifest at will. These four keys were given to us by our Ancestors and have been used privately in secret societies to exist outside the element of random chaos. We are now living in the time when these secrets are being revealed in order that we ALL might gain control of the energy we naturally possess to control the randomness and chaos in our own lives.

Focus & Intention

Focus and Intention since ancient times has been the basis of meditation. Meditation is the first practice for any master wishing to learn how to control his CHI, FORCES, THE ELEMENTS. Through the mastery of one’s own CHI, he is able to live a more peaceful and balanced life.

The FIRM System takes the practice of meditation through focused intention while teaching you how to utilize the forces of your mind, will and emotions to direct positive occurrences and outcomes in your life experience.

Releasing & Clearing

Negative thoughts and emotions breed negative occurrences. Thoughts are truly things. When we focus our attention on things we do not want, it is reflected in our life experience as negative outcomes. In order to reverse this, negative thoughts and emotions must be cleared.

I will teach you step by step how to clear out negative thoughts and emotions through proven releasing techniques. When meditation techniques for self awareness are combined with releasing techniques for mental and emotional clearing, you will experience a newfound ability to direct your mind, will and emotions (power packed Chi) toward manifesting your intentions with newfound ease!

Manifesting Techniques “They Don’t Want You to Know”

For added impact, I also use planetary energy to power up my intentions! This may seem “woo-woo” to some people but it truly is the power of the WU or the Shaman. Since ancient times our Ancestors have recognized and utilized planetary energy for healing, connecting to nature, manifesting intentions and spiritual growth.

Connecting to nature and understanding how nature is meant to support us on all levels, is a fundamental and powerful knowledge to assist in manifesting your intentions. Learn all this and more by using the FIRM System: Focused Intention for Releasing & Manifestation!



The System Includes:

The FIRM System “Learn How to Manifest!”

  • 6 Video Modules on Manifesting
  • 6 PDF Downloads on Manifesting
  • 6 Audio Mp3s on Manifesting including Guided Meditations
  • 2 Live Webinars on Manifesting PLUS Q&A
  • Membership to The FIRM System Facebook Accountability Group

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The FIRM System

The Law of One

Law of One Practices

The following Law of One practices are provided to us by Lisa Renee & The ES Team at Ascension Glossary

Law of One

1. Unity Consciousness

2. Love Yourself

3. Love Others

4. Love Earth & Nature

5. Service to Others

6. Consiousness Expansion

7. Responsible Co-Creation

See Further information on Law of One Practices

Service to Others

When we find ourselves uncomfortable with the actions of others, we can relieve ourselves by remembering to cultivate the right attitude towards self. The Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. Thus, one who practices this understanding of the Law of One acts and makes decisions based upon his or her awareness that every action has a consequence to the self and to others. Furthermore, one who exemplifies the Law of One understands that when one person suffers, all people suffer (whether they realize it or not). As One Self-God Self, to be “Compassion in Action” towards others is then to be in harmony and right relationship to Self.[1]

The Basic principles of Service to Others include:

• Individuals perceive the connection of love in all things and give unconditional love and compassion towards others,

• Individuals are dedicated to their spiritual Consciousness growth and to help others with their spiritual development,

• Individuals are dedicated to transforming Negative Ego thoughts through developing GSF Behavior modeling,

• Individuals share information and knowledge with others as open source in unified cooperation,

• Individuals have a complete lack of concern for satisfying their materialistic ego needs or satisfying drives of the houses of ego,

• Individuals acknowledge that every person is a spiritual being on their own personal path of spiritual growth and discovery,

• Individuals are committed to experiencing a shared positive reality of World Humanism with others on the Earth.

World Humanism

In the interpretation of the Law of One in Spiritual Ascension context, it is a egalitarian philosophy for evolving humanity towards humanitarian goals. Ascension study is made as an evolutionary model for our planet and humanity. The main focus is upon the inner spiritual study and reflection made upon the personal commitment to expand one’s consciousness and benevolence towards life. As we expand our consciousness we shift perspective to feel our interconnection with all Life and become orientated to be of service (Service to Others) thus, reflecting inner truth. When we experience this all encompassing spiritual-energetic connection, we inherently desire to practice human kindness and seek to collaborate with developing higher structures that place value on human beings, a value system of a World Humanism.

Human Rights

Human Rights are moral principles that describe certain standard of human behavior, they are the same in Gods natural laws, the Law of One:

1. I have the right to take care of myself, and protect myself from being threatened physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

2. I have the right to set my own priorities and choose the manner I express to live on earth, as long as it does not intentionally harm others.

3. I have the right to express feelings, opinions, and desires.

4. I have the right to be treated respectfully.

5. I have the right to create my own happy, healthy life based in spiritual purpose.

6. I have the right to be GSF and be given the power to be in charge of directing my energies and life force.[2]

Practice One – Unity Consciousness

PRACTICE ONE: UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS – The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of Consciousness and are the Natural Laws governing our Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator, or God. Eternal Love consciousness embodied in a form is Unity intelligence, and simultaneously recognized as, the Inner Light of Christos. Unity consciousness is at One with God and Unity consciousness ignites the Inner Light of Christos. The Inner Light of Christos when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human. Practice Unity Consciousness and One is directly reflecting the image of God’s Love, and is eternally protected. Be At One with All, as One is All with God.

Practice Two – Love Yourself

PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love. As a manifestation of God’s eternal spirit of Love, one has the ability to choose to create personal freedom without harming others. Have courage to remove the obstacles of pain and fear to become embodied Love, as God’s spirit is always found within.

Practice Three- Love Others

PRACTICE THREE: LOVE OTHERS – As you learn to love yourself, love others. Acknowledge the precious life force in others by holding love, reverence and respect for others. Loving others as you love yourself, is the natural state of Self Sovereignty as you give others the same reverence for their life, as you give your own life. Through practicing self-love and loving others, no approval, worth or esteem issues come into question, as all is loved equally.

Practice Four – Love Earth and Nature

PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE – Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings. Acknowledge the precious life force present in all of God’s creation, by holding reverence and respect for nature. Doing so restores balance and harmony to nature, and the intelligent energy of all of earth’s creations will respond to cooperate with humankind. Humans living in discord with nature create many events that are considered to be “at the mercy of” the untamed forces. As humans learn to live in harmony with earth and the nature kingdom, the natural creatures will align to be in harmony and cooperation with all inhabitants.

Practice Five – Service to Others

PRACTICE FIVE: SERVICE TO OTHERS – Upon firmly loving yourself and honoring your path, find methods to be of service to others that do not overstep personal boundaries of discernment. Being of Service to Others does not include consumptive modeling, such as Victim-Victimizer, parasitism or emotional vampirism. Being of service does not hold an ego perspective of entitlement, expectation or attachment. Practice being of service with unconditional love, and naturally flowing in the moment. The energy exchange made between participants being of service to others, amplifies and expands consciousness growth like no other method. The more you amplify the energetic field of being in service to others, the more joy, harmony and gifts will be brought into your life. The more service you dedicate to Gods plan, the Law of One, the more spiritual support and spiritual presence one can exchange with God Force.

Practice Six -Consciousness Expansion

PRACTICE SIX: CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION – Learn to develop inner clarity and spiritual integrity by intending to develop personal Consciousness and/or spiritual identity. To embody one’s spiritual identity, one’s mind must be initiated and disciplined. If the ego is in authority of the body it will repel the spiritual identity from embodiment. If the mental body creates obstacles to the spiritual identity, the spiritual identity, therefore the consciousness, will not be experienced. The first step to consciousness expansion is becoming aware of Mind Control and the quality content of thoughts and belief systems. The second step is to cooperate with the process of mental and physical discomfort by having patience and waiting in the void of silence. Learn to quiet the mind, sublimate the Ego Mind and be still. Once stillness, mental discipline and ego sublimation has been achieved, listen to your inner spirit to receive guidance. Inner Guidance will always lead to the process of re-education to experience continual consciousness expansion free of fear and dogma. The Inner Christos always guides one towards choosing more love and peace via consciousness expansion of the spiritual identity.

Practice Seven – Responsible Co-creation

PRACTICE SEVEN: RESPONSIBLE CO-CREATION – As one becomes more infused with the eternal love of the spiritual identity, the intelligent Blueprint activates the divine purpose of being as a co-creator with God. The spiritual identity and the intelligent blueprint of divine purpose are one and the same. Clarity of purpose and direction becomes clearer and clearer as one commits to live in service to the principles of All-ONE or Christ spirit. Knowing and Living our purpose brings joy, peace and fulfillment, even when facing adversity or challenges. Once we achieve “Direct Knowing”, we are responsible for that knowing, and practice responsible co-creation with the All-One. A responsible co-creator knows all manifestations are in partnership with the All-One. We do not possess or control anything, so needs, desires and superimposing will, should be avoided. We are stewards of God Spirit to Serve Others in responsible co-creation with All-One. From this knowing, and living this principle, we are eternally free of karmic exchanges.

Spiritual Principles to Remember

  • There are many paths that lead to God (All-One), and every person will have a unique path to connect with God Source.
  • When we concentrate our ultimate focus on the Oneness, rather than the self, we expand our spiritual power and effectiveness in the world.
  • Our spiritual practice should feel right for us, and be at our personal capacity and spiritual level.
  • Our spiritual practice should be relative to current times.
  • The new spiritual adept will start to move their focus from physical actions and matter, to focus upon the subtle energies and forces around us.
  • All resources are given by God (All-One), and we should use these resources to serve God (All-One) as part of our spiritual practice.

These are the necessary principles of behavior, practices and belief systems that humanity is required to learn in order to achieve spiritual freedom and sovereignty by committing to re-educate themselves to expand consciousness into higher frequency realities that allow them to progress into the future Timelines, during the Ascension Cycle.

Kindness Above All

It is very clear to most of us that we are a part of something humongous happening on planet Earth. The Ascension impacts everyone and has personal implications that hold different meanings that are very intimate to each person. Connecting with your Soul, Connecting with God Source is very personal. As a part of the human race we all know what it means to suffer horribly in pain and feel completely alone in the darkness. As we endure this Ascension Cycle, remember, it is about Kindness Above All. Honor where you are at, take the time you need, allow yourself the space to heal and find the kindness for yourself. As you strengthen your core and can expand your sphere of influence, then practice random acts of kindness towards others. One second of criticism, sarcasm, belittling, or hateful words can mar and scar a child and a person for life. One second of kindness can elevate a child or person to accomplish greatness that allows them to find their soul. The Soul is Kind and Loving. God is Kind and Loving. [3]


  1. August 2007 Newsletter “Personal Truth”
  2. Basic Human Rights Blog
  3. Participation

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New System for Manifesting

Introducing the FIRM System for Manifestation!

The FIRM System is a 30 day program for mental and emotional coaching and guidance to manifest goals, self confidence and money!

FIRM stands for Focused Intention on Release and Manifestation and consists of Four Keys to Manifestation:

  • Focus:  Guided visual meditation for mental training and conditioning to prepare for manifesting in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Intention:  Affirmations, Creative Writing and Journaling in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Release:  Guided visual meditation for clearing and releasing negative mental and emotional blocks in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Manifestation:  One on one personal coaching and accountability for individualized manifestation plans and action steps.

Higher Consciousness Grids

In addition to the Four Keys to Manifestation there are several other components to the FIRM System “They Don’t Want You to Know, that incorporate planetary energy as the CORE feature of manifestation including:

  • A New Moon and Full Moon Live Group Webinar
  • Private Consultation with Energy Reading & Birth Chart Analysis
  • A Secret Facebook Group with Training Modules on How to Raise Energy for Manifestation

This 30 day program begins at the beginning of each New Moon and continues for one complete moon cycle and is only $99.

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