With the passing of his birthday on November 4th, Sean Combs (P Diddy) also passed on his old name, switching it to the the new and improved Brother Love   The handsome Scorpio with a Virgo Moon and Mars in Capricorn seems to be coming to terms with the higher frequencies of the New Earth Energies.  In an attempt to fix his cosmic financial rhythm, it appears he’s been doing some soul searching and hopes by changing his name he can ultimately change his karma.

No Finance Without Romance!

His former planetary placements may have served him well in the last solar cycle but the galactic and solar energies have clearly shifted and the New Earth is now operating on the higher frequency of Love. My intuition is telling me that Brother Love is seeking to change his name in order to fix his personal karma and maintain his financial success.

When I look at his energy field, I see karmic retribution and a serious amount of pain on his pathway. I also see his biggest challenge will be maintaining and building financial power. I believe his name change is an attempt to deal with his past karma, and has caused him to start going inward and digging deep to find solutions.

Brother Love’s Dark Night of the Soul

By changing his name, he hopes to connect to more positive vibrations that hopefully will restore his past financial force. However, I am not seeing the necessary energies present in his field to bring him that equilibrium at this time. What I do see, is the beginning of a spiritual journey and dark night of the soul, where he will meet his own shadow and come to terms with his past.

He will struggle with the karma from the man he has been in light of the man he was destined to become. This will involve some very deep soul searching and recognizing of his responsibility for the things he has done. This looks like it will be a painful and gradual process and only his future choices will determine what his outcome will be.

You Must Change More than Your Name

At the end of the day, I am impressed with Brother Love. I like that he is aware of the New Earth shift and realizes it’s time to change. Changing your name will never change your heart, but making a change is the best way to start. If I could speak to Brother Love directly I would encourage him to accept full responsibility for all that he has created and to move forward in ways that honor and reflect the substance and the beauty of his new chosen name.

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