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The Inner Temple Meditation

I use the following meditation to astral project into my own subconscious mind. The technique is ancient, easy and was a normal practice of our Ancestors in their pursuit of self knowledge, mastery and life purpose. I explain my experience in the following video and the instructions for the meditation are attached. The source document is copywritten and belongs to the Brotherhood of Light.


Inner Temple Meditation

Full Moon in Taurus

Ancestor money

Tonights a Super Full Moon in Taurus.

Im giving special thanks for the many blessings and manifestations Ive had this year including my trip to Egypt, my marriage to my highschool sweetheart and the first installment of my $10,000 wish.

Tonight I burned $80,000 in ancestor money in honor of my mother, my grandparents and my godparents who are all deceased as well as my father inlaw.

I also recharged my money mojo jar with a fresh candle and more intention.

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