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Good basic magick MUST HAVE certain elements in place to work consistently and effectively.  These boil down to you using your essential nature and Goddess Given Creative Ability through the use of your WORDS, THOUGHTS, FEELINGS & ACTIONS.

When you understand that your WORDS, THOUGHTS, FEELINGS & ACTIONS create everything in the world and the universe at all times whether you intend to or not, then your magick will “GET IT” and your magick will always work for you.

PREFACE:  I am not a master at all magick, so I cannot answer specifics about every brand of magick that is out there BUT I AM MASTERING my own energy and my own ability to produce effective results with NATURAL EARTH MAGICK using the basic elements created in nature by the GODDESS that is intuitively available to us and that WE USE AT ALL TIMES unintentionally.


Now, I am going to show you how to connect knowledge and intention into magickal practice by solving what I see a few simple problems people are having with their magick.  Keep in mind, this does not apply to everyone. Its only addressing some simple fixes for people having these issues.  Please let me know if you find this helpful and if you would like to continue receiving this kind of information.  Thank you.


Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine near your anus.  This is a good indicator to let you know what it’s for. Its for connecting to the earth, grounding, THEN, releasing bad, low frequency energy into the ground so that it can be revitalized and transmuted by the planet naturally just like plants and other life forms here.

Problem is, we have not been taught to do that. So what happens?  We carry bad energy in our lower chakra and it slows us down, makes us tired and ultimately sick.  If you feel this way, it is effecting your magick.  Low energy produces instability and instability produces inconsistent results in magick.  If the problem is chronic, no magick will result here and it’s a good indication this chakra needs to be cleared with mental focus, meditation and will power. (Research: How to heal the root chakra.)

An alternative to fix a low energy problem is to direct your magick towards clearing, healing and reparing your low energy issues.  Another alternative would be daily yoga and physical exercise.


Your sacral chakra is located below your naval and its where we hold our deep seated emotions and also where we carry a lot of emotional baggage.  The absolute best magick INCLUDES CONJURING and all that is, is generating a high level of intensity and emotion.  This high level of intense emotion, however it is derived or inspired (drums, music, dancing, crying, yelling, meditating, etc. ) will attract like forces that will empower and infuse your magick HANDS DOWN.  So, if you are not conjuring during your magick, you may be missing out on a powerful boost to get consistent and powerful results.  So add it if you are struggling.

Now, if your sacral chakra needs healing and is blocked, this can also work against you.  Negative emotional energy will create negative magickal results.  Let’s say, you want to do a love spell but you are carrying that baggage in your womb for ladies, testes for men, there is a strong possibility you are going to attract love that is troubled. This is universal law.  Like attracts like and you have to love yourself enough to attend to your own personal healing.  It would be unfair to a truly happy and healed person to attract someone wounded.  I know this is hard, but statistically I’m right based on “my experience” and years of counseling others.  If you are doing love spells, look at your last relationship and how healthy it was.  Any issues that came up need to be resolved or you will attract someone else just like the last.  Okay, enough of that!

Do you need to be completely healed and whole to get results? ABSOLUTELY NOT! WHO IS?  However, the more positive you feel about your magick the better your results will be so GET EXCITED! Feel the energy around your magick and how you will feel when you get what you want!  Don’t worry if it’s going to work but just KNOW THAT IT WILL.  Faith and confidence will supersede anything that needs healing and will in fact, shift you in the right direction energetically to produce internal spiritual healing as well!


Your solar plexus is right above your naval and this is where you get your drive, ambition, will power and self confidence.  This is all very important in working magick.  The most practical application I can think of dealing with this area is writing a petition in my magick and then following through on any associated actions that will help my manifestation occur.

Failing to write a petition can rob your magickal working of necessary energy pulled from your solar plexus chakra.  Knowing your magick will work, knowing you are a powerful and divine creative being and feeling the drive and determination to manifest what you want will infuse your magick with energy, focus, and bring home fast results!  So, be sure to write out your petition on a piece of paper stating exactly what you intend to manifest and word it in present tense as if it has already occurred stating I HAVE, I AM AND I WILL, etc.

A negative self concept, negative self talk, and low self esteem are all good indicators of a wounded or blocked solar plexus chakra and can cause your magick not to work.  You have to KNOW YOURSELF.  Self knowledge is the key to magick and to the universe.  You are a powerful and divine creative being.  Know it and own it then use it in your magick!


I don’t need to tell you about the Universal law of Karma, which is based on Cause and Effect or Giving and Receiving.  Do I?  So, this may not be for everyone, just us do gooders out there who love people, love ourselves and love the universe.  Nevertheless, if this is you and you have a wounded heart chakra, your magick can be effected.  You will need to activate the law of cause and effect by understanding it and participating with it.  Here’s why.

Let’s say you are doing some money magick, okay?  And you stumble on an opportunity for someone to give you some, only you don’t know it because your heart chakra is blocked and you misinterpret the opportunity as someone trying to scam or take advantage of you.  You may walk away from that money and never know you missed it!  However, if you were to shift your mental possibilities and have a more open heart, you may see the opportunity as it is and you may say what if this person is trying to help me?  By doing so, you align yourself with the energy you already put out there in your magick and you tap into the flow!

So many people undermine their own magick and never know it! This was me for 3 years! I was so broken down you would not believe it!  I became a very miserable and unhappy soul who had no faith or trust in anything!  I doubted everything!  I worried incessantly to the point I was afraid to get out the bed or even cross the street!  You don’t hear me!

So, check your heart chakra and keep it open and expect the impossible!  Your magick is working all the time, know it, own it use it!


Please do not undermine your magickal workings by speaking negatively or counter intuitively.  Your language must change and be in complete alignment with what you are manifesting or your magick simply WILL NOT WORK.  There is no argument here.  Change your language to I AM, I HAVE, I WILL, etc. every day no matter what or just forget it.  Why?

Because you are a magickal being, and you were created to create this world and the universe and you are doing it every day whether you know it or not and if you are speaking, thinking, feeling and acting in ways that create things in your world and reality that you don’t want subconsciously because you are not careful you will continue to get just that.  Circumstances, feelings, relationships, etc that keep you unhappy and unfulfilled.

Your throat chakra is your Goddess Given ability to speak life, creativity, and words of power to the universes.  However, we were not taught this!  Now we have to learn.  Use your words wisely.  Make sure they align with your intentions.  Do not allow people around you who speak negatively and who are attracting energy and circumstances you do not want in your life.  Their energy can effect your magick.  If you have trouble speaking your truth, standing of for yourself or generally speaking negatively, its a good sign your throat chakra needs work.


Visualization is a powerful form of magick.  You can create with your pineal glands without doing any ritual at all if you practice.  It is because of this ability that many frown on ritual magick but ritual magick is a good primer to get to that point so don’t hate.  To each his own.  I agree, ritual magick can be a little crude and maybe even archaic, but I LOVE IT!  Its fun, hands on and practical.  It allows us to get dirty and play!  Okay?

However, many people are not getting results in their magick because they are having too much fun and not focusing enough on the end result!  Spend at least 3-5 minutes during your ritual visualizing what you want.  See yourself enjoying, happy and fulfilled in whatever way you choose.  Draw a picture of yourself doing what it is that you want or paint it.  These are all marvelous ways to manifest and including it in your ritual will add to the energy of your magick!

Your third eye chakra can be blocked if you have a hard time seeing what’s going on behind the scenes, you don’t remember your dreams, or you see visions of doom.  Again, I would make clearing my third eye chakra the focus of my magick in such cases.


Hands down burning ancestor money and communicating with my beloved family members that have crossed over was the turning point in understanding my own magickal abilities and how the universe works!

This scares people because we were taught not to talk to the dead.  But, think about it?  Who taught us that?  The church and our oppressors and I’m not just talking to black people because if you are living on planet earth, we are all being subjugated and oppressed in terms of our magickal ability and how the universe works, okay?  Our oppressors understood if we ever figured out we are not just puny little humans, the gig would be up!  Well guess what?  The GIG IS UP!  YAY!

Therefore, be sure to work on connecting to your family first!  I mean your mother, father, grandparents and other close family loved ones.  Why?  Because THEY LOVE YOU AND THEY ARE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!  They are talking to you and you think it’s you but its not, its them.  They are protecting you and guiding you and you don’t know it, but its them!  Now, its your turn to talk to them and open up the door of communication so that the lights come up and we can all walk out of the dark together joining hands with the true souls who honestly love us and want the best for us.  Okay?

So, give offerings during or immediately upon ending your magickal rituals.  Food, flowers, incense, money, etc.  Whatever your magick calls for, you feel guided to give or want.  Just do it!  It will hands down be effective!  Your Ancestors love you and they will never let you down.  I love you and I hope this article helps you.  Please let me know.  Priestess Sekhmet.


Begin by setting up a small altar with objects to represent each of the five elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit.  Have the items you intend to charge and a piece of silk or cotton cloth to wrap each item ready and available before you begin.



“I call upon my Ancestors and Spirit Guides who love and protect me and who are always with me, for I am never alone.”

“I call upon the Angels of the East, South, West and North, Air, Fire, Water and Earth to enter this sacred circle of protection to be with me and to empower me with the forces of nature to combine with my will and manifest my intention.”  (Light your candles and incense and pour your sacred water in your chalice or water vessel at this time.)


Using a magickal wand or your index finger, draw a clockwise circle around yourself and say, “I am encircled by flaming fire and only my beloved Angels and Ancestors can stand with me and empower me to sanctify these blessed objects, And so It Is.”


First rub your object with holy water and anoint it with blessed oil. (Pick up the object with your left hand, and hold your right hand over it to charge it with your intention.) Say these words:  I give thanks for this (name of object), and I cleanse it from all negative forces by the power of my words. I hereby dedicate this item for my service and I say that it’s natural properties be amplified and empowered by my will, the forces of nature and the power of my Benevolent Ancestors.  And so it is.


As you hold the object, visualize a light beam descending from your Ancestors and the Creator above you.  Tap into this power using your imagination (this activates your 3rd eye).  See this light descending upon your crown chakra at the top of your head, down into your heart chakra, filling your heart with strength and power, then coming down through your right arm, into your hand and then into the object.  See the object glowing with the divine light and power.  Imagine the color of this light bright, white or gold and glowing.   Feel this energy and allow yourself to vibrate with it momentarily.  If you cant literally feel it, imagine you are feeling it.  This is just as powerful.


Inhale deeply and hold for four counts, then exhale releasing for 8 counts as you blow strongly into the object with your breath releasing your power into the object.

Say these words over your object (3) three times:

This (name of object) is cleansed and charged with the intention of amplifying and magnifying the frequencies of (name of energy…love, healing, prosperity, clairvoyance, protection, etc.) And so it is!  

This (name of object) is cleansed and charged with the intention of amplifying and magnifying the frequencies of (name of energy…love, healing, prosperity, clairvoyance, protection, etc.) And so it is!  

This (name of object) is cleansed and charged with the intention of amplifying and magnifying the frequencies of (name of energy…love, healing, prosperity, clairvoyance, protection, etc.) And so it is!

See the object glowing with the power of your intention and imagine it pulsating with the light of that energy.  Then say, It is Finished!


sacredPlace the object in your sacred cloth and keep it in a sacred box or drawer until ready to use.  Never allow anyone to handle the object.  Repeat this procedure for each item you intend to charge.

Close your ritual by thanking the Ancestors and the Angels of each direction by saying these words:  “I give thanks to the Ancestors and Angels of the North, West, South and East for joining me in this ritual.  I send you my blessings and I bid you farewell, this circle is now closed.  And so it is!

Know that your work is complete and your items are charged.  I like to burn special incense like frankincense as an offering of thanksgiving to the Ancestors or burn Ancestor Money.  You can also offer flower, fruits and honey.  Reciprocity is the key to receiving great blessings in your life, and so it is!




For the next 30 days I will be focusing on 30 Days of Ritual.  Within that process, I will also be incorporating 30 Days of Isis Oracle utilizing the Isis Oracle Deck.   I will be adding consistent journaling and meditative processes and rituals as well.  This will be a very informative experience for personal and spiritual growth to anyone who follows along.

I will be using the Isis Oracle Deck during this journey, due to its ability to instantly connect me to divine feminine, mother goddess energies and it’s many insights on spirituality and ritual practices.

ISIS ORACLE DECKToday is Spring Equinox 2017, the first day of the new astrological year and the beginning of a new 9 year cycle at the time of a Great Spiritual Awakening.  We begin this new day with the Lady of the Stars, Isis Oracle card.

When this card appears, it signifies the presence of the Goddess Isis herself, the Priestess of the star Sirius and a very spiritual work is in process and at hand in your life.  The Spirit of the Priestess is upon you and you can expect to be gifted with high vibrations of love, wisdom and spiritual power!  You are an ancient soul, with Ancestors from the Sirius Star System and able to resonate with those frequencies and ground them in the earth.

Connect with your Spirit Guide

If you have been seeking to connect with your Spirit Guide, the Lady of the Stars card is your answer.  Connect with the Priestess in any of her forms, especially the Goddess Isis.  You are being called into the Priesthood, a position of great responsibility and tremendous reward.  As a Priestess you will need to learn to use your spiritual tools and develop your spiritual gifts.  Trust the guidance you receive through your intuition, and you will know what to do each step of the way.

Your Ancestors are from Sirius

When you pull this card, you can trust that Sirius is your soul star.  This means by meditating and focusing on the Soul Star Sirius, you can tap into your own inner light, spiritual guidance and wisdom in it’s highest forms.  Meditating on the star Sirius will prove to be a Gateway and a Portal to higher vibrations, higher dimensions, and higher beings of wisdom and light.  Your Ancestors are here.  Your Spirit Guides are here.  Connect with them now.  They are calling on you.

You are Being Called as an Initiate

Call upon the Priestess and Lady of the Stars, Isis to help you connect.  Write out your intentions and put them on a altar before you.  Use this card as a symbol of the Priestess and focus and meditate upon her to help you connect.  She will connect with you and she will make her presence known in your life in new and profound ways.

This card is a sign that you are an Initiate of the Priestess and you are an ancient soul with many latent gifts.  This initiation, once answered will direct you along the path of strengthening your gifts and finding true fulfillment in answering the call of your Soul and offering your gift of healing and service to the world.

(The card that appears along side the Lady of the Stars card today is the Talismans of Potency card, Charging Sacred Objects of Power.)

Lady of the Stars Ritual

The Lady of the Stars Ritual includes a candle, a quartz crystal and an incantation to the Goddess Isis.  To learn more about these and other rituals, see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle Deck.