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ISIS ORACLE DECKToday’s card is the Portal of Light card from the Isis Oracle Deck.  When you pull this card, it is a sure indication that you are being granted the divine power to heal.  The card pulled after this card can give more clarity, and the second card today is the Scales of Balance.  Therefore the kind of healing you will be mastering has to do with the basics, balancing energy of course.

Learning how to balance energy is the primary function of healing.  All disease and unhappiness can be reduced to a simple imbalance somewhere.  As a divine healer, you will be given divine messages through your intuition on where and how these imbalances are occurring in terms of healing yourself and others.  The prime suspect is usually a simple male/female imbalance.  In psychology, this relates to the effects of our parents in our wounded inner child.  Over time, these wounds can evolve into complex mental and physical ailments.


Learning how to meditate is also a very basic tool in tapping into your ability to heal with your mind, your intention, and the power of light frequency.  Light frequency can be directed by your mind through the power of intention.  This light frequency has the power to heal.  By practicing meditation, you are engaging the mind and learning how to direct it with your will.  By using your mind to focus on the Light, the healing power that comes from the Sun and the Source of Creation, you can direct that healing energy with your mind to your desired target.


ISIS ORACLE DECKYou are surrounded by a myriad of Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides.  They exist in higher frequencies and have the ability to connect with us here in lower frequencies.  They are related to us and according to Universal Law, they are one with us.  As we grow in knowledge and wisdom, we begin to recognize their existence and as we move forward in spiritual growth, we will learn how to connect and communicate with them.  In this process, you will begin to receive messages from them through your intuition.  This can be recognized as hunches that prove correct.  Follow your hunches and learn to ask questions.  The more questions you ask, the more answers you will receive.  This process will lead you to direct communication with your Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides.  Dreams and visions are other ways they will communicate with you as well.  Tarot cards and mystical arts are a very direct way to communicate with them and should be pursued when you begin showing interest.


Intuitively you may begin pulling down energy from the Higher Realms in order to bring healing to yourself, your friends and family, as well as, the planet.  Instinctively you will feel it in your body as a rush of energy, love and joy.  Your responsibility as a healer is to learn to harness this energy and project it by the power of your will and “anchor” it in the earth.  This is also referred to as “grounding energy.”  If you are having this experience and believe you are moving into to areas of healing, I encourage you to do research into energy work, reiki healing, yoga, tai chi, qui gong, or martial arts, etc.  Begin to educate yourself on energy work and understand how it works, and how to harness and project it.  Every true healer should have a good understanding of how energy works.


ISIS ORACLE DECKWhen you pull the Portal of Light card, it is a strong indication that you are an Angelic being.  Human Angelics are beings of light that have incarnated in human form in order to draw down light energy and ground it into the earthly realms in order to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet and bring light to the beings on earth.  This knowledge is ancient and as old as the planet itself.  You in fact become a portal of light.  You are a conduit to pull in light energy from the higher realms and deliver it to the lower realms.  This energy travels through you and you are the portal of light.  Human Angelics have a very difficult time on earth due to the fact that most often they come here without any prior memory of who they were in their previous existence.  They are very different from everyone around them including friends and family and they have trouble fitting in.  Many times they are forced into isolation and this is where they begin to understand and accept themselves.  When you pull the Portal of Light card, it is a good indication that you are one of these beings.  Embrace who you are.  Embrace the Light.  It is time to devote yourself fully to who you are and your purpose of bringing Light and Healing to earth.


The Portal of Light card can also work as an oracle bringing a message of the beginning of a new phase or a new cycle.  This new cycle will bring with it a higher vibrational shift.  It’s a sign of new beginnings with fresh new energy bringing more of the divine light presence and frequencies into your life.  This is Divine Power.  Be open to receiving Divine Messages that relate to healing emotional wounds, releasing mental blocks and growing in greater appreciation, acceptance and most of all Love.  You may also receive Divine Messages with technical information on developing tools and technologies on how to ascend, raise your vibration and connect to the higher realms of Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides.


To perform the ritual of the portal light you will need:

(1) White or black candle and a lighter/matches.

Sit and gaze at the lit candle with eyes half closed and spine straight.

Relax and breathe deeply.

Imagine you are projecting yourself into the candle light.  Imagine floating there in spirit or turning yourself into a light frequency and shooting yourself into the flame.  You are now one with that flame you are now a part of that light.

Allow yourself to release anything that weighs you down.  Let all your cares and concerns be burned by the flames of this engulfing fire.   When you feel relief, simply open your eyes and put out the candle flame with a snuffer.

(For the incantation and complete ritual, please see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle Deck.  I will be sharing more of my own rituals in this series.)


Isis Oracle Deck



ISIS ORACLE DECKWhen you pull the Initiation card in the Isis Oracle Deck, you are going through a time of testing and intense challenge.  Learning to let go of resistance and understand the meaning of acceptance is one of the key lessons in every Initiation for every Priestess of the Light Star Sirius.  Know that you are not alone and that your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are with you at this time, along with the Priestess of Sirius, The Goddess Isis.  You need only ask, and you will be given the strength necessary to withstand every test and every trial that you encounter.  Every great Initiate throughout time has had to endure a time of great struggle.  Now is your time to reveal the greatest gift that lies within you.


If you have pulled this card at a time of intense trial, it means that your struggle is not in vain.  There is a reason you are being challenged, and that it is to strengthen the areas where you may be weak.  Your family, your job and your romantic relationships can each be a specific area of testing and the more you learn to struggle and balance your energy, the more successful your initiation will be.

Do you fell overwhelmed?  Do you feel like giving up?  These are natural emotions that every Initiate must endure.  The key here is to know that you are being strengthened.  Know that your weak points are being fortified by the Power of the Spirit from the Source of Creation and the Heart of your Beloved Ancestors.  There is great faith and confidence in your ability to withstand hardships and come out on the other side stronger and more experienced, so that you as a Priestess or Priest can give counsel and assistance to Initiates behind you who face the same struggles as they travel the path of Light.


THE ISIS ORACLE DECKAs an Initiate you will discover the POWERFUL FORCE OF LOVE.  Self love is of most importance and learning to love yourself and take care of yourself will empower and strengthen you to face any battle or any struggle that you encounter.  Be kind to yourself and be patient as well.  Give yourself the time that is necessary to work through your problems and give yourself the opportunity to make wise choices and sound decisions.  Take time to be in nature and think about your dilemmas and pray for solutions and meditate for wisdom and guidance.  See if there is room for you to extend your love to another and if becoming more loving could be the key ingredient in experiencing more of what you want.

Being more loving does not mean letting go of who you are and allowing others to dominate and control you, but rather loving yourself first and being sure that you have everything you need to be okay.  Then, once you have taken care of your own needs there will be love left over to see to the needs of another.

Be encouraged when you pull the Initiation card.  You are on a great journey of self discovery, self responsibility and more than anything, a journey of self love!


To learn more about the Ritual of Initiation and other rituals, see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle Deck.  I will be sharing some of my own rituals as well, as we continue in this series.



MIRACLE OF ISIS CARDThe Isis Oracle Deck will accurately pinpoint what has you stuck!  This deck is a powerful tool in determining exactly what your issue is and will give you the guidance you need to correct it!  I pulled the Miracle of Isis card to answer a specific question.  Why was I failing to produce the kind of results I desired to achieve in my business pursuits?  The Miracle of Isis card (The Isis Oracle Deck) hit dead on the topic at hand and  tore right into the root of my issue.


The reason I had not achieved greater results is because I had become too attached to the outcome.  This issue stems from my childhood and began when I developed an unhealthy attachment to achieving results!   When someone “accused” me of falling short in some area, I would work overtime to guarantee no one could ever “accuse” me or make me “feel” that way again!  I had completely forgotten how deeply affected I was by the criticism of others.

Working so hard to achieve perfect results, however, caused the exact opposite to occur and I found myself consistently underachieving!  Now, here I am, all these years later, finding myself in a position where my results are completely dependent on me and I have become my biggest critic!

What an awesome and dead on target ANSWER the Divine Goddess Isis has delivered to me!  She is pointing out, the need for my personal healing and at the same time, showing me that there is a very simple fix.


The Miracle of Isis card speaks of releasing attachments to outcomes and leaning more on tapping into one’s own Inner Genius!  The more application and focus put on the work itself (which in my case is my business),  will automatically produce GREATER RESULTS!  At the same time, the less emphasis put on achieving an outcome removes any negative energy related to self doubt, anxiety or self ridicule.  Sometimes we know what the problem is but we are not 100% sure.  THIS ANSWER IS EXTREMELY MOTIVATING!

The Miracle of Isis is reminding us to focus on what WE HAVE and not on what we HAVE NOT!  This is a poverty mindset and comes from habitual feelings of lack.  The Goddess is offering divine healing and a Miraculous gift of deliverance and renewal no matter how many years we have been affected.  Pulling the Miracle of Isis card will help you to let go of the outcome and trust in the experience!


THE ISIS ORACLE DECKI have been using the Golden Dawn Tarot deck for years and also use it to compliment readings from the Goddess Isis Oracle Deck.  A further look at my issue regarding negative emotions associated with my business triggered me to pull these cards:  THE ACE OF PENTACLES…this card shows up in the challenge area and confirms too much emphasis put on manifesting physical or material results.  Further readings revealed that the High Priest was also in the challenge area.  When you see this occurring in a so called “heart centered business”  it means that your energy is slightly off balance and you may be putting too much emphasis on the material plane.  This is easy to do and a natural process of learning to maintain balance when newly shifting into heart centered business.  Therefore, acknowledge what the issue is, be kind to yourself and forgive.  Do what is necessary to shift more towards spirit and release attachment to the material.



The TWO OF CUPS, THE THREE OF CUPS and the MAGICIAN showed up as the overall answer and desired mental focus to achieve the best results!  This is a powerful answer from the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck because it reveals magick to be the desired tool to fix the Love and Abundance issue.  Many times we use magick to do prosperity rituals when we are not achieving tangible results on the material plane, especially as it may relate to business and financial issues.  However, a prosperity ritual is not the solution when love and abundance are at the heart of the matter.  This weakness must be resolved for true abundance to properly flow.  In cases like this, a love and abundance ritual is more likely to produce desired results! (Love and Abundance Ritual)

THE ISIS ORACLE DECKMy reading concluded with the WHEEL OF FORTUNE CARD as the final outcome!  There are a number of ways that this can be interpreted and in a reading of this nature, they are all good!  The Wheel of Fortune card indicates that introducing magick into this issue with the intention of producing more love and abundance will not only get energy moving in a new direction but will bring powerful results!  Fortune cannot be denied in this scenario FOR LOVE AND ABUNDANCE IS TRUE FORTUNE INDEED!



20170321_191548-1The Talismans of Potency card in the Isis Oracle Deck is a divine message to you from the Ancestors that it is time for you to learn to amplify your psychic power!  You have the ability to charge physical matter and items with psychic energy in order to amplify their natural energies and manifest your intentions.  I am currently using  a copper wand, crystals, oils, herbs and dolls as physical items to assist me in magnifying my own psychic power!  Combining my intentions with natural elements is a powerful way to amplify my magick and experience my manifestations more quickly!


Other items can also be charged with psychic power through your intention and affirmation, such as, statues, pictures, cloth, mirrors, feathers, rocks and shells, etc.  Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides will guide you through your intuition to the type of items to charge.  20170321_195249These items will naturally come into your experience or you will receive the item through a dream or idea in your mind.  When this happens, follow through on your hunches.  I recently stumbled upon a curious golden serpent ring, that I just coated with lacquer and intend to charge and use in my rituals.  I also walked into a shop and the shopkeeper handled me this lovely golden ankh!  These are signs from my Ancestors that it is time for me to use my Talismans of Potency to amplify my spiritual power!  When you pull the Talismans of Potency oracle card, these are the kinds of items you may stumble upon to charge and to use.


We are divine beings created in the image of our Creator with the gift to create.  As our consciousness evolves, we will become more aware of divine power and our ability to activate the energy and power found in other natural objects.  We have the ability to bring these items to life, the same way our creator animated us and brought us into living form.  This is known as integration of spirit and matter.  When the two become one and life is breathed into the physical object.  This is an art form which is also known as magick and will become a natural part of your conscious awareness as you continue to grow spiritually and evolve.


Using physical objects is a somewhat elementary or even crude way of tapping into psychic power but it serves its purpose which is to get you using your imagination, the same way children play with Playdoh in preschool.  The more you use your imagination as an art form through charging physical objects with your imagination, the greater will be your results and the more quickly you will see the power of your CREATIVE SPIRITUAL MIND.


“Objects become Talismans when they are cleansed, dedicated and charged with sacred intent.”  (The Isis Oracle deck)  You can use these talismans for healing yourself and loved ones, strengthening loving relationships and manifesting more prosperity into your life!  I used to be the most broken down, depressed and downtrodden person you ever did meet.  I temporarily lost custody of my children, was sued by my ex-husband for child support, and became mentally and emotionally disabled due to my ignorance and misuse of my own creative power.  These tragedies proved to be a wake up call for me to take greater spiritual responsibility and to use my God given creative power to bring more balance, harmony and fulfillment into my life!

When you pull the Talismans of Potency card from the Isis Oracle Deck, it is a sign that you are ready and needing to have greater spiritual power in your life!  It is also a confirmation, if you find that you are attracted to crystals, candles, pendulums and other spiritual aids to help you in your spiritual development.   This card is urging you to move forward without fear and to know that your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are with you!


Almost any natural item in your possession can be used as a talisman if you cleanse it, dedicated it and charge it with your intentions.  I have outlined my version of the ritual here:  How to Charge Sacred Objects with Power.  To learn more about cleansing and charging sacred Talismans, please see the Isis Oracle Deck.


For the next 30 days I will be focusing on 30 Days of Ritual.  Within that process, I will also be incorporating 30 Days of Isis Oracle utilizing the Isis Oracle Deck.   I will be adding consistent journaling and meditative processes and rituals as well.  This will be a very informative experience for personal and spiritual growth to anyone who follows along.

I will be using the Isis Oracle Deck during this journey, due to its ability to instantly connect me to divine feminine, mother goddess energies and it’s many insights on spirituality and ritual practices.

ISIS ORACLE DECKToday is Spring Equinox 2017, the first day of the new astrological year and the beginning of a new 9 year cycle at the time of a Great Spiritual Awakening.  We begin this new day with the Lady of the Stars, Isis Oracle card.

When this card appears, it signifies the presence of the Goddess Isis herself, the Priestess of the star Sirius and a very spiritual work is in process and at hand in your life.  The Spirit of the Priestess is upon you and you can expect to be gifted with high vibrations of love, wisdom and spiritual power!  You are an ancient soul, with Ancestors from the Sirius Star System and able to resonate with those frequencies and ground them in the earth.

Connect with your Spirit Guide

If you have been seeking to connect with your Spirit Guide, the Lady of the Stars card is your answer.  Connect with the Priestess in any of her forms, especially the Goddess Isis.  You are being called into the Priesthood, a position of great responsibility and tremendous reward.  As a Priestess you will need to learn to use your spiritual tools and develop your spiritual gifts.  Trust the guidance you receive through your intuition, and you will know what to do each step of the way.

Your Ancestors are from Sirius

When you pull this card, you can trust that Sirius is your soul star.  This means by meditating and focusing on the Soul Star Sirius, you can tap into your own inner light, spiritual guidance and wisdom in it’s highest forms.  Meditating on the star Sirius will prove to be a Gateway and a Portal to higher vibrations, higher dimensions, and higher beings of wisdom and light.  Your Ancestors are here.  Your Spirit Guides are here.  Connect with them now.  They are calling on you.

You are Being Called as an Initiate

Call upon the Priestess and Lady of the Stars, Isis to help you connect.  Write out your intentions and put them on a altar before you.  Use this card as a symbol of the Priestess and focus and meditate upon her to help you connect.  She will connect with you and she will make her presence known in your life in new and profound ways.

This card is a sign that you are an Initiate of the Priestess and you are an ancient soul with many latent gifts.  This initiation, once answered will direct you along the path of strengthening your gifts and finding true fulfillment in answering the call of your Soul and offering your gift of healing and service to the world.

(The card that appears along side the Lady of the Stars card today is the Talismans of Potency card, Charging Sacred Objects of Power.)

Lady of the Stars Ritual

The Lady of the Stars Ritual includes a candle, a quartz crystal and an incantation to the Goddess Isis.  To learn more about these and other rituals, see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle Deck.


ISIS ORACLEThe High Priest or Priestess within you walks the path of divine love, power and wisdom. This is the path of spiritual self-mastery where we are initiated through the darkness of struggle into the light of love.  Learn to apply the Ancient Mystery teachings of the goddess Isis in practical ways to help you navigate through the experiences and challenges in your daily life.  Allow Isis, this sacred priestess, initiate, magician and healer to help you reactivate your own soul talents of healing, magic and more as you journey with her from darkness and uncertainty into light, love and power. The luminous Isis Oracle set includes 44 over-sized cards and a 220-page illustrated guidebook. Each of the card descriptions in the guidebook offers a powerful ritual to assist in integrating the message of the card. These rituals, many of which are guided meditations, help you focus your attention to get the answers you need.

To learn more about the workings of Isis, how to integrate with her Spirit and resurrect and connect with your Higher Self, check out the Isis Oracle Deck.     I’ve been working with this deck for several years and it has helped me to better understand the Goddess Isis, other Goddesses and how they work together and integrate with my Higher Self to bring oneness and balance to my mind, body and spirit!


Buy Now for $24.95

Isis Oracle Deck