Psychic Advice for Breaking Ancestral Contracts

This is your psychic advice report for Breaking Ancestral Contracts and Agreements.  This report will assist you in clearing yourself of unwanted life experiences generated through ancestral contracts (aka generational curses) and rid yourself of low vibrating thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  Please be aware this topic touches on sexual abuse and is meant to trigger you.  Only proceed forward if you are ready to cut these cords.

Psychic Advice for Recognizing Unwanted Ancestral Contracts

psychic_adviceLet us begin by asking, what are unwanted ancestral contracts and agreements?  Ancestral contracts are the harmonic resonance associated with your DNA passed on from your parents and are inherited by you.  Some of these harmonic resonances are anti-social and are developed by their thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.  These can include, but are not limited to drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, psychotic episodes and other unwanted sociopathic behaviors.

These harmonic resonances are considered contracts because they are binding thought patterns that the participant cannot be released from unless they break the contract or discontinue the specific behavior.  They are also considered agreements because the participant must willfully participate in order for the contract to be binding, what this essentially means is that a person can be free from any specific behavior thought or influence any time they choose but they must choose to stop the behavior.

Begin Analyzing Your Dreams!

psychic_advice_contractsWe are currently going through an Ascension phase on earth where many of you are experiencing situations that are causing your consciousness to expand as you raise to higher rates of vibration and consciousness with planet earth.  This current period is being called the Great Awakening, The Golden Age and the Return of Christ Consciousness to earth.  As a result, many of you are waking up to what has been holding you back in your life from completing your mission on earth to share your gift of healing and transformation with the world.  In order to complete your mission, you must break these past life contracts and ancestral agreements.

Begin by analyzing your dreams.  If you have not developed your psychic gifts and don’t have the ability to remember your dreams, begin recording them so that you may discern what your soul is showing you about your life.  Your dreams are a soul reflection of everything that affects you during the transformation stage of your ascension.  Eventually your dreams will evolve to lucidity (meaning you have full control in your dreams).  If your dreams are being suppressed and you cannot remember them, please see my video called How to Remember Your Dreams.  Here is an example of how to analyze your dreams.  I will begin by sharing a dream I had of my own ancestral attachment transferred through my DNA from my mother (please be advised, this information is personal and graphic):

In my dream, I remember seeing my mother get out of a very deep white bathtub.  As she stepped out, I was waiting to step in.  Once I sat down in the tub, I realized there were about ­­three very large rings of ­­­soap scum at least one inch thick around the tub.  I immediately began scraping the film away and then I got out of the tub. 

Next, I was sitting in front a man taking dictation and I was still damp from my bath.  My legs were uncrossed, and I felt an awareness there.  Just a realization that I may be exposed or exposing my legs slightly.  The man then whispered in my ear, have you been drinking my alcohol.  I said, no.  He said, let’s go find it, so I followed him with an out of body awareness as if I was not myself.  Suddenly I felt myself passing a blood clot.  I went to see what was happening and a large tumor dropped out onto the floor.  I noticed it was about 4×5 inches and beet red with a small appendage where it had been attached to most likely my womb.  Then I woke up.

The day before this dream occurred, I had been cutting cords in that area to remove ancestral attachments and this dream was a confirmation that the work had been done.  The dream is also filled with cryptic insightful messages that I underlined so that you may be able to decipher your own dreams once you write them out in full detail.

Deciphering My Dream

Before I decipher this dream, you should know, in previous dreams I have been shown that my mother and I are angelic beings that specifically came here to do this work of suffering and clearing our ancestral bloodline.  Our mission was to assist others in similar processes and then return back to our source which is beyond physical earth reality.  With that light of knowledge, here are the words I dissected from my dream:

Deep White Bathtub – For me, the deep white tub is the ancestral line of cleansing work we do on earth.  The color white symbolizes purity.  This work includes my mother and myself in this specific dream.

She Stepped Out and I Stepped In – My mother and I are part of a lineage of angelic beings that do this particular work.  This part of the dream shows how she went before me and created the film and residue that needed to be cleansed and I would come behind her as the next in succession to complete the work.

The Three Rings of Soap Scum – Is very cryptic and refers to a surprisingly creative process of creating something negative to produce something positive.  Three is the symbolic number for the creative process of procreation and the soap scum or filth is the after birth of sorts.  It’s the painful residue of the process.

Scraping the Film – Refers to my particular work of cleansing and clearing my ancestral line which has been a tremendously tough job.  There have been times I thought I would not make it, and times I came close to death.

Legs, Uncrossed, Exposed and Alcohol – are key words that describe the type of contracts being exposed which are sexual abuse, trading sex for work and alcoholism which identifies the nature of the agreements being broken or uncrossed.  A cross can be referred to as a hex which is a binding contract.  To uncross is symbolic of un-hexing or breaking the binding contract or agreement.  Any contract can be broken when you refuse to agree.  Agreement is the key issue here and I will address it shortly.

Passing the Blood Clot and Releasing the Tumor – are key indicators relating to the fulfillment of this necessary work in identifying ancestral abuse contracts, breaking the agreements, cutting the cords, and releasing the parasites.  All contracts of this nature can be considered a disfunction or disease and is typically caused by a parasite that is transferred from one person to another.  This concludes my dream analysis.  Please keep a record of my dream analysis so that you will be able to analyze your own dreams if you are not currently remembering them.

Psychic Advice for Breaking Contracts & Agreements

psychic_advice_contractsThese contracts can be revealed to you in several ways including through your intuition.  Many of you already know what your ancestral contracts are because they can be easily identified as toxic and many of you are waking up to the toxicity in your lives at this time.  Toxicity includes toxic thoughts and emotions as well as behaviors.  Some toxic  behaviors can be identified as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual abuse, addiction and sexual misery or sexual slavery agreements, as well as, any behavior you deem toxic to your body, mind or emotions.

A contract is formed once you agree to participate in any toxic behavior.  Toxic behavior has a vibratory resonance or energy that attracts spiritual parasites.  These parasites are spiritual in nature but their presence is very real and can be felt if you are sensitive.  They can be seen if you are very sensitive.  These parasites look like many that you have seen in nature such as larvae and various bugs.  Most humans have them, so don’t be alarmed.  They are generational and have been with us all our lives and now is the time for them to be purged.

Purging Yourself from Parasites

psychic_adviceIn order to break your ancestral contracts, it is imperative that you don’t have any intentional agreements with any known parasite.  Parasites vibrate at a particular frequency and are attracted to like resonance, therefore, if you are thinking, feeling or acting on their wavelength they will be attracted to you.  Parasites are also very intentional, and they have a certain connection to you because they are part of your family.  So, don’t hate them and don’t fear them.  Just send them away and don’t be cool with them anymore.

Many parasites have a human counterpart and will manifest in your experience as a person to keep you locked down to a lower frequency.  Parasitic agents will ensure the parasites survival.  Most people are not aware that they are being controlled by parasites this way, but they are.  This is where your parasite cleansing work becomes extremely real.  You will have to identify these toxic people in your world and extricate yourself from them in order to fully remove the parasitic resonance from your life or both of you will need to do a joint spiritual parasite cleanse.

Purging Yourself from the Media and Other Sources

psychic_advice_contractsParasitic energy is becoming epidemic because it is promoted and transmitted continuously through the airwaves of the television, cable companies, and media outlets globally.  This began accelerating when we switched our televisions from analog to digital.  According to “On June 12, 2009, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated that all U.S. based television signals must be transmitted digitally.”  This essentially made it easier for parasitic energy to be transmitted through the airwaves to people through music, television and other media sources based on their harmonic resonance.  Parasites can be transmitted through movies and music that harmonize in frequency with them.  Therefore, to purge these parasites, you must realize this.

These transmissions are accelerating and activating participation and agreement from people without their full knowledge. Not only are the vibrations and frequencies being transmitted in the media extremely low, they are also transmitting parasites that are embedding themselves in the human psyche and inducing parasitic behaviors.  Participation in these behaviors are creating an overwhelming amount of burdensome spiritual contracts to many people at this time.  These contracts force people to participate in energy systems that keep them locked in misery and disconnected from their Higher Soul where there is true love, bliss and happiness.

Therefore, it is imperative that you begin purging.  It is time for you to break your contracts and agreements with anything low vibrating, negative or parasitic.  Breaking the contract can be simply done by acknowledging the source, whether it be ancestral, personal or transmitted to you from a person or channel.  Once identified, psychically remove it.  You will remove it psychically through the process of visualization.  Please see my video Psychic Advice for Cutting Cords and Spiritual Attachments.

Once you have removed the parasite or cut the cords to any ancestral attachments, simply break the contract by refusing to participate or engage in toxic behaviors or entertaining parasitic energies.  For a full explanation on parasites and parasitic energy, or assistance with removal, please consult with me personally.

Psychic Advice for Healing and Spiritual Growth

psychic_adviceThis concludes the report on Breaking Contracts and Spiritual Agreements.  Disconnecting from ancestral attachments can be difficult and alienating as well.  Sometimes it means disconnecting from people you truly love and care for.  If you would like to know more about re-connecting to your positive ancestral connections and developing a stronger relationship with your Higher Self, please click the link below to download my free PDF called Psychic Advice for Connecting to Your Guardian Angel.     Psychic Advice for Connecting to Your Guardian Angel

You have come a long way on your journey through life and now you are completing the end of your cycle.  Breaking ancestral contracts and cleansing yourself from parasites are the final stages of your spiritual resurrection into pure bliss and joy.

Wishing you lots of love and success on your spiritual journey!

I AM Your Goddess, I AM Yourself!





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