ISIS ORACLEWhen you pull the Divine Guardian Card from the Isis Oracle, it is a clear indication that you are in the presence of your Divine Guardian Angel.  The Divine Mother Goddess is holding you in the shadow of her wings and a host of heavenly angels are embracing you in their love.  You are transitioning out of Fear and Abandonment into Trust, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Love.  The Dark Knight is ending and the New Dawn is Rising over You.


If you have been asking if your Guardian Angel is with you or your Spirit Guide is near, the Divine Guardian Card in the Isis Oracle is a clear indication that the answer is yes!  Now is the time to connect with your Angels and Guides, even the Divine Mother Goddess Isis herself.  Call to them and they will answer.  They are right there with you, making their presence known and sending you signals and messages in everything you do.  Talk to them as you would a friend and ask them the obvious questions.  Whats the best way for me to communicate with you?

I did this and I’m sure that’s the reason I am pulling this card.  My Guardian Angel began sending me messages that in order to draw a clear line of communication with them, there is something I must do.  This message was unsolicited by me because I thought the communication was good enough.  But, I began receiving messages that it could be better.  Then, someone asked me about Archangels of the Zodiac.  I had never heard of it.  While doing the research, I began receiving answers to old questions that led me even deeper until I ran across a book called the ShemHamPhoresh, a “so called” Hebrew book on conjuring Angels.

I knew my Angels were sending me a direct communication through that book.  A couple days later, I was going through some product and supplies I had ordered and I noticed I an envelope I had failed to open weeks earlier.  I opened it and inside was a piece of paper with the word ShemHamPhoresh on it!  Needless to say, I’ve read the book completely and have been led to even more powerful books that assist me in working with my Angels more closely.  This is  just what I have wanted for many years and I am experiencing miracles of Love and Forgiveness that is opening a door of abundance into my life like never before.


Trust, Removing Resistance and Allowing it to be.  The Divine Guidance card is a reminder to Trust the Universe.  Understand that you are not alone in your life course and that something greater is at work in your life plan.  Trust can be extremely hard after living through such Darkness as we have, but it is possible with a little Divine Guidance and Support.  Ask for the Spirit of Trust and it will be yours.

Removing resistance is also another big lesson that must be learned to experience True Peace and Happiness.  Peace and Resistance oppose each other Dear Heart.  We just can’t experience both at the same time.  We have to decide which one we want, Peace or War/Resistance.  The Nightmare will never end if we continually chose Resistance.  We see what it has brought us, Not Happiness.  Your Divine Guardian is with you urging you to try letting go of your Resistance for just once and allow  the Divine Frequencies of Love and Forgiveness to carry you for awhile to see how you feel.  Learning to Allow Life to take it’s course and Allow others to be is the final lesson in a life filled with Love, Peace, Abundance and Happiness.


The Divine Guardian of the Isis Oracle is here to remind you that All is well.  Trust and know you are not alone and neither are your friends and loved ones. All that you hold dear is guarded and protected.  Nothing will fail and there is nothing to fear.  Wrap yourself in the Divine Wings of the Mother Isis and trust in her Divine Love.  She is with you.  Meditate on her and think of her often, reminding yourself that you are never alone.  Ask the Divine Mother and your Guardian Angels to be with those whom you hold dear and know that it is already done, even before you ask.  This card is a reminder to you and for your benefit to know for a fact that you and those you care about are being guarded by this powerfully Divine Force.


“Rest quietly in a space where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes.  Follow your breath into your heart space and imagine that within you there is a sea of golden light flowing.  As a wave within this ocean of light arises, you notice a beautiful golden winged goddess rising up powerfully from the ocean.  Her wings guiding Her above the ocean and you see Lady Isis above you.  She wraps Her wings around you and you feel safe, secure, loved and protected.  Her wings naturally open and close around you with Her breathing.  Feel the connection between you and know that all is well.  She then holds above you a sword aloft, emblazoned with golden scarab beetles, with precious colored gems as wings.  From this sword great light is emitted and you feel the light forming a sphere of protection.  It descends around you as a golden egg of energy, sealing your entire energy body with the love, light and power of Beloved Mother Isis.  You are under Her Divine Guardianship now.  When you feel calm, just open your eyes.” The Guidebook from the Isis Oracle.


For more Rituals and the Incantation, please see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle deck.


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