Dream Analysis & Interpretation

Between the years of 2004-2007 I had a series of dreams and visions that lasted almost daily for nearly 3 years.  I recorded them and published a select number in a book because I sensed they were clairvoyant in nature.

Over the years I have mastered a technique I developed to analyze dreams based on my own complex experience, analysis and interpretation of my own dreams.  I never referred to a dream interpretation book for answers but rather went into meditation for the answers to my dreams with amazing results.

You know intuitively what your dreams mean.  I will show you how to break them down so you are able to enjoy the gift given to you through your subconscious mind as part of your own internal guidance system.

Analysis by Email

Key words in your dreams are literally cryptic messages.  Send me your dream in very full detail from beginning to end.  I will do an energy reading on it to find out what type of dream it is and the nature of the message your dream has for you!