remember your dreams

How to Remember Dreams

This is your daily dream proclamation on how to remember dreams.  Recite these proclamations daily.  When you awake from a dream, write it down immediately.  Practice as a way of life, to become fully conscious in your sleep.  Enjoy!

I am remembering my dreams.

I am programming my subconscious mind to remember my dreams in full detail.

I have a very strong sense of recall.

My dreams are my higher self communicating with my lower self, to keep me connected to myself and in tune with myself.

When this connection is being hindered or disrupted, my dreams will let me know.

My dreams reveal things to my conscious mind that I can’t normally see.  My dreams are filled with great insight to give me guidance and direction.

I am lucid in my dreams and able to change the things I do not want.

My dreams are my free will zone and are completely under my control and governed by my higher self with my best interest at heart.

I take joy in knowing that the power to dream is a gift and an opportunity to expand and grow.

The more control I have in my dreams, programs and sets my tone and vibration to control my own reality.

I always take consistent and positive action in my dreams and I can feel these effects in my waking reality, raising my vibration and assisting me in being the person I desire to be.  And so it is!



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