ISIS ORACLE DECKWhen you pull the Initiation card in the Isis Oracle Deck, you are going through a time of testing and intense challenge.  Learning to let go of resistance and understand the meaning of acceptance is one of the key lessons in every Initiation for every Priestess of the Light Star Sirius.  Know that you are not alone and that your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are with you at this time, along with the Priestess of Sirius, The Goddess Isis.  You need only ask, and you will be given the strength necessary to withstand every test and every trial that you encounter.  Every great Initiate throughout time has had to endure a time of great struggle.  Now is your time to reveal the greatest gift that lies within you.


If you have pulled this card at a time of intense trial, it means that your struggle is not in vain.  There is a reason you are being challenged, and that it is to strengthen the areas where you may be weak.  Your family, your job and your romantic relationships can each be a specific area of testing and the more you learn to struggle and balance your energy, the more successful your initiation will be.

Do you fell overwhelmed?  Do you feel like giving up?  These are natural emotions that every Initiate must endure.  The key here is to know that you are being strengthened.  Know that your weak points are being fortified by the Power of the Spirit from the Source of Creation and the Heart of your Beloved Ancestors.  There is great faith and confidence in your ability to withstand hardships and come out on the other side stronger and more experienced, so that you as a Priestess or Priest can give counsel and assistance to Initiates behind you who face the same struggles as they travel the path of Light.


THE ISIS ORACLE DECKAs an Initiate you will discover the POWERFUL FORCE OF LOVE.  Self love is of most importance and learning to love yourself and take care of yourself will empower and strengthen you to face any battle or any struggle that you encounter.  Be kind to yourself and be patient as well.  Give yourself the time that is necessary to work through your problems and give yourself the opportunity to make wise choices and sound decisions.  Take time to be in nature and think about your dilemmas and pray for solutions and meditate for wisdom and guidance.  See if there is room for you to extend your love to another and if becoming more loving could be the key ingredient in experiencing more of what you want.

Being more loving does not mean letting go of who you are and allowing others to dominate and control you, but rather loving yourself first and being sure that you have everything you need to be okay.  Then, once you have taken care of your own needs there will be love left over to see to the needs of another.

Be encouraged when you pull the Initiation card.  You are on a great journey of self discovery, self responsibility and more than anything, a journey of self love!


To learn more about the Ritual of Initiation and other rituals, see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle Deck.  I will be sharing some of my own rituals as well, as we continue in this series.


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