Welcome and thank you for stopping by to pick up your Personalized Psychic Birth Chart.  Based on your city, date and time of birth, I will create a beautiful personalized natal chart for you based on your astrological signature and my own psychic impressions of you!

As is my style and custom, your personalized chart will come with the divine guidance I receive to share with you specifically.  This will be the most unique birth chart you have ever seen designed specifically and psychically connected to you!

This is a wonderful oracle for:

  • Understanding Your Personal Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Determining Your Most Suitable Career & Financial Issues
  • Coming to Terms with Mental & Emotional Issues
  • Understanding Your Romantic Tendencies & Potentials
  • Understanding Your Soul Journey & Spiritual Path

Order Your Birth Chart Today!

  • Click the Add to Cart Button and Fill out the Contact Info form on the Thank You Page.
  • You will receive your Personalized Psychic Birth Chart by email in 48 hours.
  • Thank you in advance for your purchase!

House of Sekhmet


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