With his Sun in Aries and Taurus Moon, there is no wonder that Pharrell Williams has evolved into being the high powered business tycoon, trendsetter and cultural icon that he has.  Some of his greatest achievements include musical collaborations with hip hop artist Snoop Dog and their hit song Beautiful, a judges seat on The Voice, not to mention his own high powered mega-hit called Happy!  However, last night I had a dream that Pharrell was no longer as happy as he once was.

Pharrell is in my Astro-Plane Soul Family Matrix

As with a number of black celebrity artists, Pharrell is in my soul family and I find myself from time to time working with them in dream state or what some call the Astral Plane.  I do this in order to share energy, give advice, or just be a silent witness or observer in order to transfer that energy and information back to them on this plane, as I am doing now.  I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what I do and I have been doing it for many years.  Dreamwork is one of my greatest gifts!  In fair exchange, my soul family lends me energy as well!

Dream of Pharrell Distant and in the Dark

Nevertheless, in my dream Pharrell and I were walking together at night or in the dark, and I can tell by the energy the night was symbolic of yet another celebrity dark night of the soul.  We were also walking through dirt, or out in an area which was unpaved, like a dirt road walking to where his car was parked.  I remember feeling he had something heavy on his mind and his vibe was distant.

The police were driving behind us and Pharrell became anxious as if he felt we were being targeted and I remember directing him up a dirt embankment toward the car in an effort to take control of the situation.  I could feel that he was overwhelmed and a little bit paranoid.  My interpretation is that Pharrell may have been involved in some light weight shady deals that are wearing on his conscience.

The police passed by as normal.  When we approached Pharrell’s car, it was a light blue old school low rider style vehicle, super clean like an Impala or something but to me it symbolized his longing for the good old days when life was smooth and easy.  I could tell he wanted to go back in time, just riding his skateboard and be Skateboard P.  I felt like he just needed me to be there, like I was hanging out and comforting my cousin.

I left the dream  feeling like Pharrell is no longer truly happy and reaching out in the spirit realm for someone to assist him.  I feel like he is praying and asking for guidance right now.

Pharrell’s Psychic Reading – Happiest Days Just Ahead!

I took a look at his energy field to see if I was right about how happy he truly is and sure enough his biggest challenge right now happens to be internal grief, and low level depressive emotions.

As an Aries man, I can see that he holds himself to a high level of achievement and right now, like many male celebrities, he is struggling to maintain his financial empire and positive vibes in this new earth energy field. These higher vibrating feminine energies demand that we walk with deep integrity and learn to consistently radiate the vibration of love.

I see highly successful men struggling to maintain their empires against these new incoming currents.  This has caught Pharrell a little off guard and deep inside he feels like letting it all go and giving up, but he won’t!  He will get through this by tapping into the feminine frequency in order to pull in the right forces to help him fix his financial woes.  I see him joining forces with a financially smart and successful woman who will help him re-balance and make the adjustments he needs.  Will it work out for him?  ABSOLUTELY !

Encouragement for Pharrell

If I can encourage Pharrell at this time, I would say hold on sweetheart, your best and brightest days are just ahead!  The woman you have chosen to assist you during this rough energy patch will prove to be one of your biggest and brightest allies!  Things will swiftly turn around for you and you will be truly happy once again!  You can never go back and you can never give up, just keep believing in you and doing what you do!  Nothing can stop you and nothing will!  So proud of you!  Keep doing YOU! Love you!

Spiritual Guidance Counseling

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