ISIS ORACLE DECKToday’s card is the Portal of Light card from the Isis Oracle Deck.  When you pull this card, it is a sure indication that you are being granted the divine power to heal.  The card pulled after this card can give more clarity, and the second card today is the Scales of Balance.  Therefore the kind of healing you will be mastering has to do with the basics, balancing energy of course.

Learning how to balance energy is the primary function of healing.  All disease and unhappiness can be reduced to a simple imbalance somewhere.  As a divine healer, you will be given divine messages through your intuition on where and how these imbalances are occurring in terms of healing yourself and others.  The prime suspect is usually a simple male/female imbalance.  In psychology, this relates to the effects of our parents in our wounded inner child.  Over time, these wounds can evolve into complex mental and physical ailments.


Learning how to meditate is also a very basic tool in tapping into your ability to heal with your mind, your intention, and the power of light frequency.  Light frequency can be directed by your mind through the power of intention.  This light frequency has the power to heal.  By practicing meditation, you are engaging the mind and learning how to direct it with your will.  By using your mind to focus on the Light, the healing power that comes from the Sun and the Source of Creation, you can direct that healing energy with your mind to your desired target.


ISIS ORACLE DECKYou are surrounded by a myriad of Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides.  They exist in higher frequencies and have the ability to connect with us here in lower frequencies.  They are related to us and according to Universal Law, they are one with us.  As we grow in knowledge and wisdom, we begin to recognize their existence and as we move forward in spiritual growth, we will learn how to connect and communicate with them.  In this process, you will begin to receive messages from them through your intuition.  This can be recognized as hunches that prove correct.  Follow your hunches and learn to ask questions.  The more questions you ask, the more answers you will receive.  This process will lead you to direct communication with your Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides.  Dreams and visions are other ways they will communicate with you as well.  Tarot cards and mystical arts are a very direct way to communicate with them and should be pursued when you begin showing interest.


Intuitively you may begin pulling down energy from the Higher Realms in order to bring healing to yourself, your friends and family, as well as, the planet.  Instinctively you will feel it in your body as a rush of energy, love and joy.  Your responsibility as a healer is to learn to harness this energy and project it by the power of your will and “anchor” it in the earth.  This is also referred to as “grounding energy.”  If you are having this experience and believe you are moving into to areas of healing, I encourage you to do research into energy work, reiki healing, yoga, tai chi, qui gong, or martial arts, etc.  Begin to educate yourself on energy work and understand how it works, and how to harness and project it.  Every true healer should have a good understanding of how energy works.


ISIS ORACLE DECKWhen you pull the Portal of Light card, it is a strong indication that you are an Angelic being.  Human Angelics are beings of light that have incarnated in human form in order to draw down light energy and ground it into the earthly realms in order to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet and bring light to the beings on earth.  This knowledge is ancient and as old as the planet itself.  You in fact become a portal of light.  You are a conduit to pull in light energy from the higher realms and deliver it to the lower realms.  This energy travels through you and you are the portal of light.  Human Angelics have a very difficult time on earth due to the fact that most often they come here without any prior memory of who they were in their previous existence.  They are very different from everyone around them including friends and family and they have trouble fitting in.  Many times they are forced into isolation and this is where they begin to understand and accept themselves.  When you pull the Portal of Light card, it is a good indication that you are one of these beings.  Embrace who you are.  Embrace the Light.  It is time to devote yourself fully to who you are and your purpose of bringing Light and Healing to earth.


The Portal of Light card can also work as an oracle bringing a message of the beginning of a new phase or a new cycle.  This new cycle will bring with it a higher vibrational shift.  It’s a sign of new beginnings with fresh new energy bringing more of the divine light presence and frequencies into your life.  This is Divine Power.  Be open to receiving Divine Messages that relate to healing emotional wounds, releasing mental blocks and growing in greater appreciation, acceptance and most of all Love.  You may also receive Divine Messages with technical information on developing tools and technologies on how to ascend, raise your vibration and connect to the higher realms of Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides.


To perform the ritual of the portal light you will need:

(1) White or black candle and a lighter/matches.

Sit and gaze at the lit candle with eyes half closed and spine straight.

Relax and breathe deeply.

Imagine you are projecting yourself into the candle light.  Imagine floating there in spirit or turning yourself into a light frequency and shooting yourself into the flame.  You are now one with that flame you are now a part of that light.

Allow yourself to release anything that weighs you down.  Let all your cares and concerns be burned by the flames of this engulfing fire.   When you feel relief, simply open your eyes and put out the candle flame with a snuffer.

(For the incantation and complete ritual, please see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle Deck.  I will be sharing more of my own rituals in this series.)


Isis Oracle Deck


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