This morning I pulled five cards according to the 5 card spread in the Isis Oracle Deck.  I pulled the Power Over Scorpions, Spirit of Isis, Pyramid of Light, Divine Sun Child and Temple of Carnelian.  In this article I will show you how I interpret these cards and how I use the Isis Oracle for my own personal readings.

Each card placement has a particular meaning:

  • The first placement stands for the issue.
  • The second placement stands for the needed action.
  • The third placement stands for the final outcome.
  • The fourth placement stands for the challenge or opportunity.
  • The fifth placement stands for the special guidance or resolution.

Each morning I pull a series of cards for the day just to get my divine message from my higher self.  It just so happens that this morning, I had a bad dream that someone attacked me.  Seeing the Power Over Scorpions card caught my attention immediately.

Power Over Scorpions

“You are being Initiated into the magick of conjuring.”  “The Lady Isis teaches the art of conjuring, of being able to use will and word to gain dominion over lower vibrational energies.”  It just so happens that at the time I pulled this card I had been dealing with psychic attacks, as well as, learning how to navigate in the new higher frequencies which has been a very up and down experience.

To see this card in the first placement, was an indication to me that psychic attack and learning psychic protection was going to be my main issue to deal with currently.  If you pull this card in this placement, I would encourage you to pay attention to your day and be conscious of your thoughts and emotions.  Pay special attention to your environment and the people around you.  Somebody may be given you the Evil Eye and psychic protection will be in order.

By looking quickly at all the cards, I knew this would be the case for me.

Spirit of Isis

“It is helpful on the inner path to let go and detach over and over again…whether reaching for enlightenment, inner peace, a creative breakthrough or personal healing, the TRIUMPH of the Goddess is with you now urging you not to give up, no matter how far away or impossible success may seem to be.”

The Spirit of Isis card was in the #2 placement for needed action and the word TRIUMPH was a trigger and a sign for me.  It just so happened that I had been working on my article revealing the hidden meaning of Michael Jackson’s Triumph Video and as the day would play out, TRIUMPH prevailed in this situation for me!

I stayed detached, I stayed present, I kept my vibration positive and high and I tread on the head of the scorpion and prevailed!  My situation was resolved and I had triumphed!  I spent most of the day in a constant state of gratitude.

Pyramid of Light

The Pyramid of Light card stands for Psychic Protection!  This card was in the 3rd placement which stands for the final outcome.  “As a being growing in significant light, darker energies can become more attracted to you.  There is nothing to fear and only more mastery and awareness of the power and protection of Divine Love to experience.”

Little did I know, when I pulled this card this morning how my day would literally unfold.  After working with the cards over a period of time, you will begin to see how certain cards compliment and support one another.  In this case, when you see the Power Over Scorpions card along with the Pyramid of Light, you can know that psychic protection is required.

I had a dream the night before that someone had an evil eye, but I did not know what they would do.  The Evil Eye sought to prevail against me and challenged me, not knowing who I AM. Nevertheless, my dream gave me the heads up, and pulling my cards helped me stay conscious and aware.  Paying attention to my dreams and staying present and positive all helped me prevail in the spirit of triumph and victory over all!

Divine Sun Child

“Horus, the Divine Sun Child of Isis and Osiris, was born out of impossible circumstances, through the great devotion of his mother, Isis, and Her loving determination to heal Her husband and bring him back to life, to eventually become King of Egypt, defeating dark forces that would seek to destroy him and all that he loved, with great TRIUMPH.  It is a story of the Divine Hero of Egypt!”

This card was in the #4 placement which is the challenge or opportunity.  We can tell based on the card itself being a card of triumph, that it is an opportunity to prevail and not necessarily a challenge.  If it were the Power Over Scorpions card…it could be perceived as more of a challenge.  If it were any card dealing with our SHADOW, we could interpret it as a challenge.  However, in hindsight, we can see again that early this morning the cards were already predicting my TRIUMPH AND VICTORY!

Temple of Carnelian

“This Oracle calls you to have the courage of your convictions, to have faith in yourself and your own process, to be fearless as you are assured of VICTORY!  Sekhmet will not be defeated! ”

The Temple of Carnelian card stands for the Goddess Sekhmet and showed up so powerfully for me in this reading!  This is the beauty of the Isis Oracle deck.  Each card is so symbolic and so full of meaning, divine love, support and guidance.  For this card to show up in the #5 placement as special guidance with my name being Sekhmet, the divine Goddess could not have spoke to me more powerfully to be fearless and courageous in the face of the darkest foes!

I am coming out of the darkness and I am standing in the power of my own light!  I am strong and I am victorious above all and nothing will defeat me!  I am powerful and supported by my divine family and I am protected and well guided every step of the way!

In gratitude and in love to my divine family, spirit guides and ancestors.  Thank you for hearing my prayers and answering. Let this message be a light for others to stand in their own I AM presence!  And so it is!

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