Welcome to the House of Sekhmet.  All the Articles and information here will support you on your spiritual journey of personal development, self healing and self mastery.  You may also book a one on one counseling sessions with me for:

  • Intuitive Psychic Guidance Counseling & Mentoring
  • Answers to Any of Your Questions  utilizing the Tarot
  • Hypnotherapy for Removing Mental & Emotional Blocks
  • Chakra Energy Readings and Clearings for Harmonious Balance

Psychic Counseling & Advice!

Identify and remove what’s been holding you back!

Tarot readings will help you identify mental and emotional blocks that hinder your spiritual growth and personal success.  I use a combination of psychic counseling and tarot readings to accurately identify any issue concerning you and advise you on the best course of action!  With one of my Readings I will:

  • Identify any obstacles to your success related to work, business and finance.
  • Speak directly to any spiritual issues related to your higher self, ancestral connections, clairvoyant dreams and your purpose in life.
  • Target specific areas that need to be healed involving toxic relationships, family related problems, self defeating behaviors,  and any personal issues that block you from success in any area of life.

Online & Phone Sessions Available


Tarot sessions involve deep relaxation and meditation on the Tarot, an ancient technology for retrieving information from the subconscious mind utilizing artfully decorated cards.  These sessions are extremely helpful if you are:

  • in need of answers or guidance
  • wanting  to learn to master your energy
  • wanting to learn how to manifest
  • repeating unwanted relationship cycles
  • stressed out
  • tired of running into brick walls
  • feeling like you’re going nowhere fast
  • mentally and emotionally stuck
  • tired of failing
  • feeling like giving up

Don’t give up! I’ve been where you are.  Every answer you need can be accessed through your own subconscious mind.  Allow me to guide you to the answers you seek!  Knowledge of Self is the key to Understanding. Master Yourself to Manifest Your Intentions. You can do it! – Priestess Sekhmet


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Order a One Hour Session with me Today!

Each session lasts for 1 hour and costs only $75


The services I provide are for guided meditation, positive suggestion and intuitive psychic consultation which are not meant to replace the need to see a doctor or licensed clinical therapist.  By acquiring my services, you acknowledge you understand and accept responsibility for your own health.

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