unity consciousness

Unity Consciousness & Releasing Duality

You cannot go into unity consciousness with a duality mindset.  Many of you are struggling at this time to release your attachments to the people around you who are holding you back from being who you truly are.  It’s time to make a distinction between unity consciousness and a duality mindset.

Its time for you to make a decision to walk in complete self love and full self expression without fear and without  worrying about what other people think.  It’s time to be courageous!  It’s time to be who YOU are!

Its time for you to let go of the people around you who have been holding you back with their negative thinking and duality mindset.

These are the people who say one thing and do another. These are the people who make promises and don’t keep them. These are the people who take from you and don’t give back. These are the people who drain you of your energy and zap you of your life force.

The fire is stirring up in these relationships at this time to let you know that it’s time to let go and move on. Its time to walk away in love and affirm who you are. Know within yourself that it is okay to leave them where they are because they have chosen not to move forward with you at this time.

However, you have asked to receive more in your experience and now is your time to embrace it as you move forward embracing who you truly are and releasing your old way of being.

Holding on to duality only causes you to go back and forth, up and down. The energy is inconsistent which makes your thoughts, feelings, relationships and circumstances inconsistent.

Release these attachments and move on, then you will be in the flow of consistency, oneness with yourself and who you truly are.  This flow will lead you to unity consciousness, complete self love and the fullness of abundance in ALL that you’ve been wanting!  Now is your time!  Release and let go! And so it is!

Special Invocation for Those who are Suffering

Some of you have been struggling with repeated attacks and reoccurring cycles of negative and vampiric people coming into your experience.  These people knowingly and unknowingly repeatedly seek to drain you of your life force energy.  As soon as you remove one, another one appears.  This is not any reflection on you if you are consistently working to rid yourself of these low vibrating, life sucking forces.  Some of you have an assignment against you from forces unseen, I am sorry to say, because you will do a tremendous work to help free others once you yourself are free.

It’s time to take action!  I join with you, as we call upon the forces of my Higher Self and your Higher Self with the assistance of all of our Ancestors who love and support us in our highest intention for our highest good that any and all attacks against you in the area of your sovereign intention to be free from unloving and unsupportive spirits cease and desist!  Together we agree that any contracts or agreements you have made with these people are now null and void.  We insist that all past karma be cleared and as of this present now moment you be declared sovereign and free!

May the grace of all that is in harmony with universal law, love and peace abide upon you now!  May new courage, new strength, and new love radiate within you, around you, and in all that you attract into your life from this moment forward.  And so it is!  And so let it be done!

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