free from the matrix

Freedom from the Matrix

We live in a Free Will Zone as Sovereign Gods in a Free Universe.

The following revocation will clear all psychic contracts or mental agreements you have made knowingly and unknowingly with the world you exist in. By revoking those agreements you heighten your own awareness of the forces seeking to block your ability to manifest your intentions both internally and externally.

Understand that you limit your ability to manifest your truest intentions while harmonizing and vibrating with frequencies working against you both known and unknown.

Use this Daily Revocation to declare your intention to revoke all psychic contracts and mental agreements you have knowingly and unknowingly  invoked by your own free will and declare your intention to be a conscious co-creator in harmony with universal consciousness and universal law.

Daily Revocation for Sovereign God Free Beings in a World of Artificial Intelligence Technology and Low Frequency Mental Programming by the Media  

Download Here: Revocation for Sovereign Beings

I am a Sovereign and Divine Free Will Being and I hereby join with my divine I AM presence who is my Highest Self and the Christ Consciousness dwelling in me to declare that I am Sovereign and Free.

I am created in the image of my Creator as a co-creator in conformity with Universal Law and accept my responsibility for all of my creations.  I hereby request that all of my benevolent Ancestors in conformity with Universal Law join with me this day to work for my release from all agreements and psychic contracts that I have made, both known and unknown, with those who oppose universal law and seek to destroy the Creator’s divine creations.

I hereby request and decree that my I AM Presence and Sovereign God Free Will be upheld as I move forward to take authority over my creations and use my Sovereign God Free Will to create life experiences that are in conformity with Universal Law, Oneness and Love for All.

I do also request that all my Guardians, Emissaries, Benevolent Angelic Beings, and Forces of Nature within the sound of my voice and tone of my vibration, join with my I AM Presence and Sovereign God Free Will to remove all forces and technologies working to suppress my co-creative abilities and my right to exist free from oppression, interference and subjugation.

I ask that my request be recorded in the Akashic Record as I have declared it this day…And so it is!

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