You know you are in need of balancing your energy when you struggle with extreme emotions, circumstances and physical ailments.  When you pull the Scales of Balance Card from the Isis Oracle, it is a good indication that it is time to learn how to balance your energies.

The key to balancing energy is understanding the polarities of opposites, such as negative and positive, as well as, masculine and feminine.  Many problems we experience can be generated from these areas.  We never want to shift too far in any extremes but rather learn how to stay balanced between extremes of negative and positive, as well as, masculine and feminine.


The Scales of Balance Card speaks of Tantra, an Eastern philosophy relating to the balance of masculine and feminine energies within the human body.  It also teaches how these energies can be harnessed and utilized for healing of the mind, body and spirit.  As a Priestess of Isis, and/or a Divine Being, the Scales of Balance card is guiding you to understanding how your own energy is being utilized.  It is telling you that healing may be in order, for yourself or someone you hold dear, and that the solution to this ailment comes in the form of exercise more understanding and more balancing of energetic forces.


The Scales of Balance Card also teaches the lesson of divine inner unity and oneness within or inner wholeness.  When you begin focusing on balancing your divine masculine and divine feminine energies, you will begin experiencing more feelings of peace and oneness within.  Your masculine side is more of your left brain thoughts of logic, and your feminine side is more of your right brain thoughts of creativity.  When you begin to merge thoughts of logic and creativity, you will become more balanced in your mental projects.


Relationships tend to suffer when the divine masculine and feminine energies are imbalanced.  This can be evidenced through disagreements, feelings of resentment, and misunderstandings. These problems can occur in abusive relationships and need to be closely considered when looking at imbalances, however, balancing energy work on one or both partners can greatly relieve these issues.

Shadow work is often needed.  This is the process of taking time to reflect on your own darkness within, also known as your shadow.  These are the unhealed wounds of your past that need attention and care.  Meditation and Reflection along with Releasing and Letting Go, are the steps we each must take to begin the journey of healing our own inner shadow and balancing our energy.

For me, I had to take a long look at how I was raised and interacted with my parents to be able to heal my shadows.  My relationship with both parents were extremely abusive, and left me deeply wounded in life.  It was very difficult for me to function and my relationships suffered terribly.  My masculine side was extreme and left me feeling aggressive.  My feminine side was also extreme and left me feeling overly emotional.  You can imagine what this must look like lol.  An overly emotional and aggressive woman.  This is typically what an imbalance can look like.  The key to balancing a masculine/feminine imbalance such as this is to move more toward center, becoming less aggressive and less emotional.  Your own inner guidance will lead you to the right steps you need to take with your own issues.  Learn to listen to your intuition and follow it’s guidance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.  I’m happy to assist.


The Scales of Balance card is also a wonderful tool for bringing awareness to the need to connect with your body more.  Physical illness will continue to be a big issue as we move into this global shift of Ascension  (Spiritual Awakening).  This is a time we as a planet are becoming more aware or enlightened.  Higher vibrating energies are causing us to consider how we have been treating our bodies and asking us to take better care.

Many are becoming sick due to illnesses that have been brewing over many years and are now coming to a head.  It’s time to look at the source of these illnesses and make any necessary adjustments. Due to the nature of this higher vibrating environment, good nutrition and exercise are now mandatory to help us balance  our energies and keep from getting sick.

Dance, yoga and martial arts are very beneficial ways of introducing the art of balancing into our lives.  The Scales of Balance card is a reminder that now it is time to shift our attention in the direction of our physical bodies to take better care and appreciate what we have.


When you pull the Scales of Balance card it can also be a sign that you are being called into the Tantric Arts.  Pay attention to other signs you may be receiving.  Are you feeling more sexual?  How well do you know your body?  How well do you know your partner’s body?  It may be time to do some exploring!  Sexual Magick is a form of using sexual energy in order to make things happen that you desire.  This is only possible when you are aware of your body and your masculine and feminine energies are balanced.  Use this card as an indication and an answer to push you in the direction of exploring your own sexual energy to it’s fullest potential!


To learn more about Tantra and the Isis Oracle rituals, please see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle deck.




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