ISIS ORACLE“It is wonderful to do this Ritual in broad daylight under a full noon Sun if you have privacy and space to do so, otherwise doing it in a bright room or in a room that is filled with lit candles is helpful.

Stand or sit comfortably so that your spine is upright and you feel comfortable, strong and alert.  Start with the incantation below, repeating it three times at least, gaining speed as you become familiar with the words and get into your own rhythm and pace.

Serpent of Fire, Rise Above

Filled with unconditional Love

From the base of my spine to my heart

Your ascending fire now does start

To cleanse, to release, begin, begin!

Rebirth of my Self now from within

From my heart to the crown of my head

Burning away energies dying or dead

Igniting new life, new love, new fire

Serpent of Fire, Rising, Rising Higher

When you are ready raise your arms above your head, palms facing up towards the heavens.  Keeping your shoulders as relaxed as you can, place your awareness at the base of your spine, contracting your pelvic floor muscles in and out.  It will feel like you are trying to stop yourself from going to the toilet.  If you cannot get the physical action of this, simply intend that there be energy contracting in and out at the base of your spine, as you stimulate your kundalini energy to awaken and rise.

After doing this for at least ten seconds, say aloud, “I call upon Divine Protection of Mother Isis, Priestess of the Serpent Sisterhood, according to Her innate wisdom.  So be it!”

Continue with the breathing and pulsing at the base of your spine for another ten to thirty seconds depending on what feels comfortable for you.  If it still feels comfortable, keep your arms raised whilst doing this.

When you have completed your breathing lower your arms.  Sit or stand comfortably, recognizing the sensations of energy moving in your body and when you are ready, just allow your breathing to fully relax, resting for atleast a minute or so in a cooler space.

Repeat this exercise, lifting the arms above the head and raising your energy up the spine and calling on the Goddess.  If your arms become uncomfortable above your heard, lower your arms and breathe normally.  This exercise is not recommended for women who are pregnant or menstruating, or if you have heart or blood pressure problems.  Your body is precious and it is worth taking care of so avoiding strong spiritual exercises unless you are feeling well and robust is recommended.”  (The Isis Oracle Guidebook)

Isis Oracle Guidebook and Rituals

For more Rituals from the Isis Oracle, please see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle Deck.


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