ISIS ORACLEToday’s card is the Serpent of Fire Card in the Isis Oracle Deck.  This card signifies a shift of divine energy that leads to significant spiritual growth.  When you pull this card it is an indication that you are more powerful then you realize and that your energy is shifting in a new, more powerful direction!

If you are feeling doubtful due to the fact that your faith in your own power may have brought meager results in the past, your energy is now shifting!  Do not base past failures on current energies.  The energies of the past are diminishing and you are entering higher frequencies that are more supportive and more in alignment with what you desire to manifest in your life!  it’s time to get excited because the Serpent of Fire Oracle Card is a sure sign that you will get what it is that you have been wanting in terms of spiritual growth and spiritual power!


You may not realize how powerful you have become.  All your hard work and dedication is paying off and it has slipped in without you realizing it.  Now is the time to realize that you have harnessed the extra energy and power you have been seeking to get things done and cause manifestations to occur in your chosen reality.  You have what you have been asking for and now it is time for you to see how powerful you have become.

Pay attention to your words and actions at this time, for you have received an influx of power that is able to create realities, manifest healings and do all that you require to experience greater autonomy, influence and manifestation.  Now is the time to use your words, feelings and actions to create exactly what you have been desiring for yourself, your loved ones and the world at large!  This is your time and you have all the power you need!


Do not underestimate your power or you will have terrible consequences.  Focusing on negative outcomes and not paying attention to what is actually occurring, could cause you to miss out on opportunities to feel good and experience what you want.  With this influx of power, you also have the ability to create negative realities and intensify feelings of being stuck and staying trapped in the past.

Wake up quickly and realize your responsibility.  You can manifest what you don’t want just as quickly and easily as you can manifest what you do want.  Things have changed.  The energies have shifted.  The Serpent of Fire card is an indicator of that.  Test out the energy by only focusing on what you want and see how quickly things will shift in your favor.  Once you realize the power you possess, you will realize how great the responsibility that comes with it.  Wield the Serpent of Power with Wisdom and Authority.  Use the power to heal, deliver and create greater love and abundance for yourself, your loved ones, and greater world at large!


The Serpent of Fire card was pulled today along with the Power over Seven Scorpions card.  This is a strong indication that it is very necessary that you wield your power with wisdom and authority at this time.  You are facing circumstances that require you to act with the power necessary to counteract forces against you.  The Serpent of Power is all you need to face any opposition that is occurring in your life experience at this time.

Pay attention to what is going on in your environment.  Recognize any negative or counter productive forces and use the Serpent of Power, your inner will in conjunction with the forces of nature and the power of your Ancestors and Spirit Guides to reverse any adverse effects you may be facing.  Be encouraged, nothing can withstand you.  You have the power of the Serpent, Wisdom, Knowledge and Victory is yours!


You are transitioning into greater areas of power.  This is a new experience for you and will take some getting used to.  Just as a serpent sheds its skin, you are also shedding the past.  No longer will things be the way they have been.  You are shifting into greater power and with that experience will come greater self confident and greater self knowing.

Get excited!  This is the time you have been waiting for.  All that you have been through has helped to make you who you have become.  You have arrived and there is much to celebrate.  Know the power you possess!  Use this power to overcome the pass and banish your enemies!  Leave them behind you, release them and let them go!  Nothing can stop you now.  Now is your time!  You have the power and you will succeed!


I will be sharing a Serpent of Power Ritual with you in the next post.
For more ritual guidance, please see the Guidebook that comes with the Isis Oracle deck.




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