Today is June 21, 2017 The first day of Summer solstice and the opening of a Grand Portal into higher dimensions.  This portal is accessible to those who are looking to overcome life difficulties by improving themselves and releasing the past.

The Grand Portal of Divine Light

You will feel the impact of this portal as a divine incoming force of light into your life.  This light is the Light of the Creator.  It is the Light of Truth.  It is Healing Light.  It is the Light of Wisdom and Understanding.  It is the Light of Love, the Light of Peace and the Light of Joy.  What stands before this Light is Pain, and what stands on the other side of this Light is Healing, Unlimited Life force energy and Unlimited Peace.

Releasing Turmoil & Pain

As this Light is descending upon the earth during this Summer Solstice and Grand Portal opening, the energy of this light will pull back the darkness and shine light on what has been lurking beneath the surface of our world and our personal lives, in order that it might be healed.

This will manifest as anger, pain, negative emotions and unhealed childhood wounds and toxic relationships.  If you are experiencing an uptick in any of these areas, this is a manifestation of the incoming light asking to heal these areas now.

In order to benefit from the opening of this portal, and access this healing light, you must be willing to let go of everything that has been holding you back.  No longer will you be able to force anything below the surface.  These dark energies will continue to bubble up until they are cleared or they will persist bringing attention to them and causing an unnecessary amount of turmoil and pain.

It is time to let them go.  It is time to move on.  It is time to realize that everything in your past experience has served it’s purpose.  There were positive lessons to be gained and the pain from the past need only be felt momentarily and then released.  Do not be afraid to feel this pain.  Something hurt you and as a result you felt pain, this is a natural and necessary part of life.

Holding on to pain, however is not.  Reliving your pain and playing back past experiences that caused you pain in your past is not.  Memories of pain is an opportunity to heal and an opportunity to understand what happened.  To make sense of it the best you can.  It’s a time to ask your angels and ancestors to assist you and give you the needed messages of wisdom to help you understand.  By looking at your pain and offering it understanding, you also offer it an opportunity to heal.  Now you can let it go.

Say good bye to the pain from the past.  Say goodbye to those who caused the pain.  Say good bye to yesterday and simply let it go.

The Two New Realities

The incoming light not only offers an opportunity for peace and healing, but also an opportunity for you to walk in your divine right as a Sovereign God and Freewill being.  This allows you the opportunity to use your creative potential through your own internal creative source to experience the reality you desire to exist.

This has always been your destiny and you have always had this ability, now is your time to experience it.  The forces that have held you back are no longer able to withstand the greatness and magnificence of this powerful incoming Light.  The forces of Light are banishing the darkness in our world and forcing them down into the lower realms while lifting us up into higher realms with higher potentials.

Holding on to darkness at this time will cause you to remain trapped in the lower realities and unable to perceive the Light that is working in the lives of others around you.  You will continue to perceive others as better than you and yourself as less than.  The dark forces will continue to subjugate you and rob you of your birthright and your inheritance as a Sovereign God and Free will being with the ability to create your own chosen reality.

Instead you will continue to exist in a false reality matrix.  This false reality matrix is currently controlled with AI Technology, the new fake reality.  AI Technology is the dark energy response to the new incoming Light.  AI Technology is a way to counteract its inability to predictively program reality at this time.  AI Technology seeks to install a fake reality matrix into our collective conscious experience by introducing possibilities that do not exist within the consciousness of Sovereign God Free Will Mind.

This in essence creates to reality timelines.  One controlled by AI Technology and supported and empowered by unconscious human creators and also known as the sleeping masses.  The Second reality is the unpredictable original thoughts of free thinking Sovereign Free will creators manifesting their wills and intentions without interference.

The false reality matrix designed by AI Technology is extremely predictable once identified.  It can be quickly identified by repeating cycles or being stuck in a fake reality experience.  The same experience happens over and over although the people and places may change.  If you are having this experience, it means you are trapped in a false reality matrix, what you are experiencing is not real because it is not coming from your free will intention but rather you are stumbling into it by default.

People who empower the false reality matrix cannot be reasoned with.  They are fully controlled by AI Technology influence through brain wave signals they pickup through the media, television, internet, cell phones, and direct wifi signals.  Talking to them and trying to convince them to change is futile.  The new reality demands individual self realization, a recognizing of ones own personal power and the full focus of bringing that power to the surface through personal transmutation and inner personal healing.  Each of us must take that responsibility now.

You are living in a Brave New World designed to deal with the impact of the Great Incoming Grand Portal of Light.  Each individual soul will be triggered by their own DNA by this light and is responsible for their reaction to it.  The false reality matrix seeks to control and monitor this by projecting holographic realities that interface with the brain, leading and guiding unsuspecting people into programmed predictable realities and outcomes.

Besides repeating cycles, the inability to perceive the fake reality and its predictable outcomes, you will also be able to identify the false reality matrix by the constant negative energy and emotion that it generates creating toxic relationships at work and at home, feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction with life, feelings of self harm, and other highly charged negative emotions.

It is important that you distance yourself from these associations at this time in whatever way feels right for you.  AI Technology has one agenda and that is for you to not perceive the Incoming Light and to abandon your birthright as a Sovereign God and Free Will Being.  AI Technology will only survive as long as it is fueled by the darkness and ignorance of the unassuming masses who feed it with their predictable negative emotions based on a never ending projection of holographic fake realities from AI Technology promulgated through the media, wifi and other Artificial Intelligence or so called SMART devices.

As the incoming Light becomes more and more pronounced your conscious awareness will continue to expand and the false reality matrix will become more and more obvious to you.  As you allow the incoming Light to heal you from the past, and release any residual negative and toxic emotions, you will in turn feel healthier, happier and whole.

You will also unlock your own DNA potential and be given access to your own internal birthright as a Sovereign God Free Will being to heal yourself and others as well as originate new technologies for collective holistic therapies to help heal the world.

This is the only reason we have not experienced world peace up until now due to the subjugation of our DNA and the darkness of ignorance and self knowledge which had been forced upon us up until this time.  You are living in the days of the return of The Christ Light within to inspire humanity towards inner personal development, self healing, oneness and love.  This was always the way to heal the world and is the only way by healing ourselves first.

This incoming Light is being shed upon all the world and pushing back the dark forces from the controls that they have had for so long.  Now is the time for free thought.  Now is the time for free will.  Now is the time for oneness love and healing.  Everyone has a choice.  Now is your time to choose and so it is!  Namaste.

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