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This message is channeled to you from your Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Higher Selves.

For those of you who have been planting seeds in the Great Field of our current collective reality, it is now time to reap your Harvest!  It is now time to bring in the bounty of all that you have sowed.  You are now receiving all the goodness for the good that you have done.  Get happy!  Its celebration time!

You are now being released from all negative Karma.  You have paid your dues for the wrong that you have done.  You have learned your life lessons and you have stayed strong.  You have persevered through the hardest circumstances in life and the hard times are now over.


SPIRITUAL HARVEST TIMEHowever, there is one final test.  There is still a slight karmic feedback from the last little bit of bad energy that was sowed out there from the past.  This could lead some of you to believe that you are yet re-living past experiences, but you are not!  The cycle of karma has ended and you have passed the initial exam.  You are now experiencing the final test.

What is important to understand is that now is the time of the Great Harvest and of Reaping.  This means that everyone will get what back what they put out in the Spirit of Fairness and Equality.  Some for good, and some for not so good.  However it may seem, we must all accept that what is transpiring is for THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL and will bring for the best possible outcome for our collective reality.  This will take TRUST and FAITH.

In order to stay present and not fall back into karma after you have been free, IT IS CRITICAL to understand that anything rising up to in your current reality that creates drama, frustration or creates havoc is just a facade.  ITS NOT REAL.  So don’t feed into it or give your energy into it.  Just let it pass on by like a cloud in a wind.  It’s just a little exhaust from you stepping on the gas in your life and going full speed ahead.  Its just a little negative bio feedback from the past.  It is simple EXHAUST!  Pay no attention to it for this may go on from now until the actual time of Harvest, which is at the FULL MOON OF SEPTEMBER 2017, THIS FALL.

As the air clears, you will find yourself in a completely NEW REALITY where all your positive input will immediately manifest positive results.  As you continue to plant seeds of love, positivity and oneness in your garden of life, you will immediately attract abundance, happiness and reward in kind.  So keep sowing good seed for you will not only reap immediate reward but it will rest on top of the bounty of all the goodness from your past to bring in a tremendous harvest in the coming months ahead.

Nevertheless, if you feed into negativity and pay close attention to this last little bit of karmic exhaust, you can get caught up in it and swept up into the fury of being snatched away with the old negative karma that is being cleared from the earth.  What this means is, you will miss your reward.  Instead of seeing the good and the beauty in life, you will become trapped within the facade and believe that all the negativity you see in your reality is real.  You will feed your power into it and make it real.  This will keep you in a negative karma loop from which there is little escape.  You will become one with the exhaust and you will exhaust yourself.

The reaping power of this particular harvest of 2017 is so extremely strong, you will be unable to unbind yourself and you ultimately will attract sickness or worse to yourself and exterminate yourself from the present glorious reality you were meant to enjoy.

So please, receive this word and understand what time it is.  It is a time of reaping for everyone on planet earth in order to cleanse the earth of what no longer serves it to bring in what is glorious and good.  Now is a time of goodness, positivity and joy.  To tap into this current reality, you must believe this.  You must give yourself to oneness positivity and love, and in exchange you will experience the greatest version of yourself, you will receive the added strength and power to make all y our dreams come true and on top of this you will receive your great reward for all previous labor.

Send positive love and light to all in your reality, have compassion and remember those who are struggling in your prayers.  If they can just hold on and make it through this last hurdle of dark energy and exhaust they will soon reap their reward.  Nevertheless, stay focused on keeping yourself balanced, grounded and centered.  Harvest time is here!  It’s time to celebrate!  Oneness and love is in the air!