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In 2004 I was taken to a church service to visit a prophetess and evangelist.  I’d never heard of her or the church before but I went to appease a good friend.  I was the first person the prophetess called forward. She looked at me and said, “Dreams & Visions!”  I was shocked.  I had been having daily dreams and visions for most of the year and had been recording them in a blog every day.  I eventually published them in a book called Dreams & Visions of Our Future.  The prophetess went on to say, “God is going to use you mightily in the area of dreams and visions!”

I went on from there to gain some small notoriety over the years due to publishing my dreams.  I was invited to a few radio talk shows including one affiliated with a major network.  It’s been well over 13 years and I’m convinced the dreams and visions are clairvoyant.  Not only did they prepare me for the future but they gave me the uncanny ability to comprehend just about everything that is in existence in our world, the astral world and world’s beyond.

The dreams continued daily for a period of 3 years and I recorded them each day.  In the process I developed a technique of analyzing and interpreting them.  I was also able to categorize them as clairvoyant, paranormal, social, political, global and personal.  I can look at a dream and tell if its symbolic or literal.  My intuitive, psychic and telepathic abilities help me to discern the nature of the dream and how it applies to the dreamer.

I’ve never used a book of dreams or any other tool to interpret my dreams.  I simply developed a practice of prayer and meditation after recording each dream to interpret them.  In the process, I have enjoyed an above average ability to use my dreams to further my own self awareness and self mastery.

How to Remember Your Dreams

It is important that we remember our dreams.  All it takes is setting your intention and going to sleep with the intention to remember.  Have a pen and paper or voice recorder ready to record any glimpse or detail of remembrance.  Record regularly the smallest memories to develop stronger recall. Practice meditating on what you have recorded to allow your subconscious to give you flashes of insight which you should also record regularly.  In time, you will develop an honest skill of dream recall with practice and dedication.

For assistance in analyzing and interpreting your dreams, order a Dream Analysis & Interpretation by email.  Send me a fully recorded copy of your dream including even the smallest detail and I will show you how I break down, decode and decipher your dream one piece at a time.  This analysis will prove to confirm and affirm who you are and what you are going through.  In the process you will see how powerful your dreams are to interpret your reality and feed it back to you in a way that can assist you in your personal development and self mastery.

Dream Analysis & Interpretation by Email $25

Fill out the following form and I will contact you by email to request a detailed copy of your dream. Your dream will be analyzed, decoded and returned with a powerful message for you within 48 hours.