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The Wish Jar Kit came to me when I began going through an awakening experience and learning to connect to Higher Aspects of myself through meditation and visualization.

In the process, I began having past life memories of myself as a High Priestess in the Temple of Hathor (Het Heru) in ancient Egypt (Kemet).

As I began having past life memories, I began to have a greater understanding regarding my current lifetime and the work I am here to do now.  I am here to assist you in also awakening to your Higher Aspects of yourself, connecting to your past life memories and knowledge of who you are and why you are here.  I am here to assist you in awakening your passions and your own inner gifting.

Me in the Temple of Hathor (Het Heru) Egypt 2016

I created the Wish Jar Kit as a way to strengthen my own faith in my ability to create my own reality and transform my own existence.  I knew I had this ability before I created the Jars but the jar was a way for me to test my results.

The Wish Jar was a way for me to create a practice for myself that would develop a serious level of consistency with focusing on manifesting what I wanted in my life.  I programmed my Wish Jar to synchronize with the moon and I began using my Wish Jar every full moon for manifesting and every new moon for releasing and banishing.

All My Wishes Fulfilled!

Me in Egypt 2016

As time progressed, I began to realize ALL MY WISHES!  My wishes began manifesting more and more quickly as my faith grew with each fulfilled wish.  I began to notice higher levels of synchronicity in my experience and I began experiencing miracles!  Yes, real impossibilities manifesting into my reality as not only possible but finally after so many years fulfilled!  This includes a trip to Africa that I paid for in 4 months with my Magick Wish Jar!


Give Your Intentions a Power Punch!

I began creating the wish jar magic kits for my clients to help them begin focusing on their own creations and intentions in a greater way.  Each kit contains the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth with instructions on how to draw in the elements to your ritual each time you make a wish.  This will empower your wishes and give you the edge over those who are simply stating their intentions without giving their intentions any power or any punch!

Get your Wish Jar today and start practicing Wish Jar Magic!  Each wish jar includes:

  1. The Wish Jar
  2. The Sacred Water and Vessel (Water Element)
  3. The Sacred Frankincense and Myrrh Oil (Air Element)
  4. The Sacred Candle (Fire Element)
  5. The Sacred Quartz Crystal (Earth Element)
  6. Instructions for Moon Magick with your Wish Jar!

Begin practicing moon magic and your basic ritual practice with your wish jar every new and full moon!  You will have everything you need to get started!

Release bad habits and banish unwanted experiences from your life every new moon!  Build and develop positive attributes and experiences into your life every full moon!  Manifest your entrepreneurial pursuits! Manifest loving relationships! More abundance!

You are not alone. Know that your Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides are with you.  Use your Magic Wish Jar to develop stronger relationships with your guides.  You have the power to get everything you desire and make your wishes come true!  The Wish Jar will help you to charge those intentions, all results are up to you!

I am here to assist!


Order Your Wish Jar Magic Kit Today! Only $49 Plus Shipping!