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Change your Life with the Wish Jar Deluxe Manifesting System!

In order to manifest anything, it takes ENERGY!  Using the Wish Jar Deluxe Manifesting system will automatically create this energy by consistently using the system!

Replace poverty consciousness with prosperity consciousness!

Interact with the creative forces of nature (fire, water, air, earth and the power of the moon) in order to EMPOWER your manifestations!

Utilize this practical application for setting intentions and goal setting!

Gain more happiness, gratitude and an overall state of well being by realizing your POWER TO MANIFEST!


The Basic Wish Jar Kit comes with everything you need to cause manifestation to occur.  The “Secret, They Don’t Want You to Know,” is this…it takes more than positive thoughts and vision boards to “cause something to occur,” it takes Magick!  Magick is using the creative universal law of cause and effect in conjunction with the forces of nature (air, fire, water and earth) to create or manifest anything!

The Deluxe Wish Jar Kit comes with a little bit more.  The Kit includes the Basic Wish Jar Kit, Plus cleansing bath/floor wash to prepare yourself and ritual space for Wish Jar Magick and power herbs for manifesting money, love or spiritual power!


Your Complete Wish Jar Ritual Kit Includes


  • Your Magickal Wish Jar in Your Custom Color
  • Frankincense & Myrrh Oil
  • Holy Rose Water & Water Vial
  • Manifesting Candle with Magick Sigil
  • Magickal Seal
  • Manifesting Herb Power Packet
  • Ritual Cleansing Bath & Floor Wash for Manifesting
  • One Large Manifesting Crystal
  • The Complete Wish Jar Kit Manifesting Ritual


  • Manifest More Money & Financial Opportunities!
  • Change Your Luck & Attract New Energy!
  • Manifest More Love & Better Relationships!
  • Take Control of Your Reality & Get More of What You Want From Life!

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House of Sekhmet

How to Set Your Intentions in 4 Easy Steps!

I have been receiving a lot of questions about my Wish Jars and how to set your intentions so I decided to do a quick blog post about what I am experiencing right now. This post will walk you through some of my processes and how I am able to capitalize on energy when it arises!

So, I’m sitting here having lunch and listening to the incomparable Mitchell Gibson, a magician, hypnotherapist, psychiatrist and PhD. If you are not familiar with his books and offerings, here is a link to the interview I am listening to right now: Psychic Ability with Mitchell Gibson!

While listening to Mr. Gibson tell a story about how a monk visited his mainly African American elementary school to teach the students how to meditate, I was struck by a rush of emotion.  I realized what a gift it was for this monk to visit the school and how that one small act produced a prodigy such as Mitchell Gibson!  I realized how important it is to follow my  intuition and to give back to the community.  There is no telling whose life I will impact and how my small actions will profoundly affect the life of another.

I felt tingles all over my body as I also realized how important it is for me personally and how important it was for me to take advantage of this moment right now!  I knew I could not allow this moment to slip away from me and somehow I had to ground this idea into concrete reality, so, I decided to make a wish!

I will make a wish that in the near future, I will find myself giving back to my community in a profound way that will touch the lives of young students and inspire them to be all that they intend to be!  Today I will perform a special ritual and put a wish in my wish jar that will ensure that  I find myself realizing this vision and this dream I have to give back and impact the lives of young people!

I hope that my experience inspires you also!  Perhaps by understanding how I take advantage of the moment and use simple rituals to support my intentions, you too, will be inspired to do the same!  Here are a few steps that I take to make my intentions happen!

How to Set Intentions

  1.  The first thing is to have an intention, a desire or a wish!  My wish is to give back to my community in a profound way.  I’m not sure how that will manifest, but it’s not important.  What’s important is my desire and the way it makes me feel!
  2. The next thing is to write down my intention!  I will get a small piece of paper such as a sticky note and write down my wish as if it has already occurred!  Example:  “I am engaged in giving back to my community in a way that impacts the lives of students and inspires them to realize their dreams!”
  3. The final thing is to gather energy around my intention and activate the law of attraction to ensure that it will manifest!  To do this I will perform a basic moon magic ritual, earth magic ritual, candle magic ritual, or elemental magic ritual.  Due to the fact that the moon is waning, it is not the best time to do a manifesting ritual with moon energy, so, even more exciting, I will do simple candle magic and then place my intention/wish in my wish jar!
  4. Finally, once I perform my candle magic ritual and place my wish in my wish jar, I will give thanks and show gratitude, knowing that my wish will come true!  I will have a thankful heart, wait patiently in expectation for the fulfillment of my wish and even give a special offering to my Ancestors and Spirit Guides!

To learn more about Moon Magick, Candle Magick and Ancestral Offerings, please feel free to contact me or subscribe to my updates:  http://updates.houseofsekhmet.com

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The FIRM System!

Learn How to Manifest!

The Firm System

Join me for 30 Days of Focused Intention on Manifesting, Using My “Power Packed” 30 Day System!


What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is using the power of the mind, will and the emotions to bring things into being. We manifest all the time without thinking about it, but the key to Intentional Manifesting is activating these three principles each time.

The Four Keys

There are four keys to manifesting which are:

  • The Air Element – Activation of the Mind
  • The Water Element – Activation of the Emotions
  • The Fire element – Activation of the Will; and
  • The Earth Element – The Actual Manifestation itself

By using these four keys consistently, you will unleash the power you possess to manifest at will. These four keys were given to us by our Ancestors and have been used privately in secret societies to exist outside the element of random chaos. We are now living in the time when these secrets are being revealed in order that we ALL might gain control of the energy we naturally possess to control the randomness and chaos in our own lives.

Focus & Intention

Focus and Intention since ancient times has been the basis of meditation. Meditation is the first practice for any master wishing to learn how to control his CHI, FORCES, THE ELEMENTS. Through the mastery of one’s own CHI, he is able to live a more peaceful and balanced life.

The FIRM System takes the practice of meditation through focused intention while teaching you how to utilize the forces of your mind, will and emotions to direct positive occurrences and outcomes in your life experience.

Releasing & Clearing

Negative thoughts and emotions breed negative occurrences. Thoughts are truly things. When we focus our attention on things we do not want, it is reflected in our life experience as negative outcomes. In order to reverse this, negative thoughts and emotions must be cleared.

I will teach you step by step how to clear out negative thoughts and emotions through proven releasing techniques. When meditation techniques for self awareness are combined with releasing techniques for mental and emotional clearing, you will experience a newfound ability to direct your mind, will and emotions (power packed Chi) toward manifesting your intentions with newfound ease!

Manifesting Techniques “They Don’t Want You to Know”

For added impact, I also use planetary energy to power up my intentions! This may seem “woo-woo” to some people but it truly is the power of the WU or the Shaman. Since ancient times our Ancestors have recognized and utilized planetary energy for healing, connecting to nature, manifesting intentions and spiritual growth.

Connecting to nature and understanding how nature is meant to support us on all levels, is a fundamental and powerful knowledge to assist in manifesting your intentions. Learn all this and more by using the FIRM System: Focused Intention for Releasing & Manifestation!



The System Includes:

The FIRM System “Learn How to Manifest!”

  • 6 Video Modules on Manifesting
  • 6 PDF Downloads on Manifesting
  • 6 Audio Mp3s on Manifesting including Guided Meditations
  • 2 Live Webinars on Manifesting PLUS Q&A
  • Membership to The FIRM System Facebook Accountability Group

Get Started Now Only $25!

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The FIRM System

New System for Manifesting

Introducing the FIRM System for Manifestation!

The FIRM System is a 30 day program for mental and emotional coaching and guidance to manifest goals, self confidence and money!

FIRM stands for Focused Intention on Release and Manifestation and consists of Four Keys to Manifestation:

  • Focus:  Guided visual meditation for mental training and conditioning to prepare for manifesting in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Intention:  Affirmations, Creative Writing and Journaling in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Release:  Guided visual meditation for clearing and releasing negative mental and emotional blocks in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Manifestation:  One on one personal coaching and accountability for individualized manifestation plans and action steps.

Higher Consciousness Grids

In addition to the Four Keys to Manifestation there are several other components to the FIRM System “They Don’t Want You to Know, that incorporate planetary energy as the CORE feature of manifestation including:

  • A New Moon and Full Moon Live Group Webinar
  • Private Consultation with Energy Reading & Birth Chart Analysis
  • A Secret Facebook Group with Training Modules on How to Raise Energy for Manifestation

This 30 day program begins at the beginning of each New Moon and continues for one complete moon cycle and is only $99.

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