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The Inner Temple Meditation

I use the following meditation to astral project into my own subconscious mind. The technique is ancient, easy and was a normal practice of our Ancestors in their pursuit of self knowledge, mastery and life purpose. I explain my experience in the following video and the instructions for the meditation are attached. The source document is copywritten and belongs to the Brotherhood of Light.


Inner Temple Meditation


New System for Manifesting

Introducing the FIRM System for Manifestation!

The FIRM System is a 30 day program for mental and emotional coaching and guidance to manifest goals, self confidence and money!

FIRM stands for Focused Intention on Release and Manifestation and consists of Four Keys to Manifestation:

  • Focus:  Guided visual meditation for mental training and conditioning to prepare for manifesting in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Intention:  Affirmations, Creative Writing and Journaling in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Release:  Guided visual meditation for clearing and releasing negative mental and emotional blocks in PDF & MP3 format.
  • Manifestation:  One on one personal coaching and accountability for individualized manifestation plans and action steps.

Higher Consciousness Grids

In addition to the Four Keys to Manifestation there are several other components to the FIRM System “They Don’t Want You to Know, that incorporate planetary energy as the CORE feature of manifestation including:

  • A New Moon and Full Moon Live Group Webinar
  • Private Consultation with Energy Reading & Birth Chart Analysis
  • A Secret Facebook Group with Training Modules on How to Raise Energy for Manifestation

This 30 day program begins at the beginning of each New Moon and continues for one complete moon cycle and is only $99.

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