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As many of you are aware today is November 23, 2017, the day that used to be known as Thanksgiving, before we became “so called” conscious. However, today I made the sad mistake of forgetting that fact and accidentally wished the wrong person a Happy Thanksgiving. I was met with pure venom and left with nothing more than Happy Native American Slaughter Day to You too!

You Don’t Have to Be Rude

I felt like I had been shot with pure poison and I was stunned. I knew instinctively I was dealing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, mind control, pure and simple. There was nothing humane coming from the individual I was dealing with. There was no heart, no soul, and no concern for me as a human being. It’s time that we as humans, become aware of this.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is using so called truth reality to frame a new mindset for the growing consciousness of humanity.  It seeks to replace false history with “so called truth” in an attempt to re-frame the proper human perspective with a false disassociated inhumane thought-forms.  These new thought-forms while based on a perceived truth, is absent of true heart, true soul and true spirit.

Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

In spite of the long sad history of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve come to acknowledge it as a day to focus on gratitude and take advantage of the time to spend with family and show love.  Although I am fully aware of the savage beginnings of our nations heritage and the need to bring light to that truth, until we can collectively come together with a more suitable way to congregate as a family, we need to rethink how we are approaching this holiday.

We Can Teach the Truth in Love

If you want to change the name, the date, and the intention, these are all suitable ideas and should be explored by all of us who want to raise awareness regarding slavery, debauchery and the inhumanity of our past but make sure that what is motivating you truly comes from your heart and that your own undealt with pain is not being used and manipulated by the media to keep you stuck in the past and perpetuating more hate and inhumanity in the name of the truth.  In the spirit of love and concern for humanity I share this with you.

I am your Goddess, I am Yourself.  Namaste!





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