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Psychic Advice for Cutting Cords and Spiritual Contracts

This is your psychic advice report for Cutting Cords and Spiritual Attachments so that you may clear yourself of unwanted life experiences and become more integrated and balanced within.  Please be aware this topic touches on sexual abuse and is meant to trigger you.  Only proceed forward if you are ready to cut these cords.

Psychic Advice for Recognizing Spiritual Attachments

psychic_adviceLet us begin by asking, what are spiritual attachments and contracts or agreements?  Spiritual contracts are agreements that we make with other people in order to fill some kind of need.  When we are speaking of spiritual contracts, we are referring to agreements we make on a spiritual level.  These agreements can include but are not limited to past life contracts, ancestral soul family agreements, as well as, spiritual parasites and other spiritual beings and attachments.

For the most part, these attachments can only be identified with your sixth sense or extra-sensory perception.  Therefore, it is imperative that you develop this type of sense so that you can be aware of any attachments or agreements that you have.  You will want to be aware of these contracts so that you may be able to freely choose if you desire to continue them for some of these attachments are becoming toxic for you at this time.

Follow your instincts with the people you are closest to and use your intuition to scan them psychically for any toxicity or parasitic behavior.  This is one way to quickly identify any parasitic attachments they may have.  Once you have identified parasitic behavior such as manipulation, control, and abusiveness, you have identified the agreements the person has with the spiritual parasites.  These agreements are considered contracts and can only be broken by the person’s free will.  As long as this person continues to partake in the behavior they are being used and manipulated by spiritual parasites at will.

You can also scan yourself to become aware of any parasitic attachments you may have.  Ancestral attachments and sexual misery agreements tend to be the contracts I am seeing people suffer from the most.  You can identify these agreements as overwhelming feelings of lack, fear, guilt, shame, regret, sorrow, weakness, anxiety, stress, worry and pain to name a few.  These contracts are passed on from generation to generation through the blood and DNA and must be broken by your intention and free will.

Begin Analyzing Your Dreams!

psychic_adviceMany people trapped in these negative ancestral and sexual misery agreements are also playing them out fully in their dream state.  As I have mentioned before these dreams create energy that can be manipulated by Artificial (AI) Technology and used to create unwanted negative realities for you.  Please see my Revocation of the Enslavement System video.  These dreams are then suppressed by the same technology which makes it difficult for you to remember them.  However, you can begin remembering your dreams once you set your intention and begin writing them down immediately when you wake up.  By analyzing your dreams, you will also be able to identify and recognize unwanted spiritual attachments.

Sexual Misery – Trading Sex for Security

Sexual misery, for many people is an unspoken agreement that involves trading sex or attention for either security or the fulfillment of some other need.  This is destructive, due to the fact, that it causes you to use your most creative sexual energy in exchange for something you can easily obtain within yourself.  In essence, the agreement sets you up to miscreate with your sexual power by creating lack, want and unfulfilled needs.  Not only this, but it also opens you up to attachments such as sexual usury, control, manipulation, and abuse through the exchange with the other person.  Sexual misery agreements always involve abuse.

If you are dreaming that you are exchanging your energy with people for money, security or fulfillment of a need that you should fulfill yourself, this can be considered a contract and this will simultaneously be played out in real life.  You will find yourself in unfulfilling and abusive relationships.  Therefore, analyzing your dreams is a good way to identify what type of contracts you have.  Not all contracts are sexual, I am only pointing them out in this report due to their prevalence.

Psychic Advice for Cutting Cords & Breaking Contracts

psychic_advicePsychic cords can be seen through the process of visualization and meditation.  These psychic cords are attached to you and the person you have a spiritual contract or agreement with.  This agreement can also be considered resonance, meaning, you both vibrate on the same frequency.  When you cut the cord between the two of you, you are using your free will to disconnect and establish a new frequency that is more harmonious to you.  You will not be able to establish a new frequency as long as you have these attachments because they will continually control your resonance to keep your frequency low.

Begin Cutting Cords in a Meditative State

All you need to cut these cords is time alone in meditation.  Get in a very relaxed position.  Laying down is preferable.  Set your intention to scan your body to search for these cords and attachments by visualizing them.  Imagine yourself lying on a massage table.  Begin to scan your body and listen to your intuition speak to you as you ask where are the cords?

These cords are typically attached to pain areas associated with loss, grief, sorrow and misery which are typically located around the heart and lower chakra areas.  These areas include the anus, sexual organs, the naval and chest area. You can imagine there are cords attached to your body in these areas and imagine yourself cutting them with your fingers or an imaginary pair of scissors.

Be Prepared – You May be Triggered

psychic_adviceHowever, you may not see the cords first.  What you may experience is a memory or a flash of a painful experience.  If this happens, feel the pain in your body.  Your initial reaction may be to reject the thought or feeling but you can feel safe to go ahead and feel it now.  By feeling the pain, you are acknowledging the contract or agreement that you had.  What part did you play in the painful experience?  Do you feel regret, grief, sorrow, or loss?  Whatever you feel, it is important to feel it so that you can let it go.

As you feel it, if the pain is in your heart area, begin cutting cords there.  If the pain is in your neck area, begin cutting cords there.  Wherever you feel pain, imagine a cord there and cut it.  Now you are in the process of healing.  Go ahead and use your hands to cover the areas where you just cut the cords and begin to imagine sealing those areas with your hands.  Lay your hands over each area where you cut a cord and seal it with your intention that the cord will not return and the area is sealed and healing.

The Final Sealing Process

As a final process, allow yourself to calm down if you are feeling emotional and remember to breathe deeply.  Then go ahead and imagine you are rubbing your body completely with a healing balm or salve.  It can be made of whatever you desire as long as it brings you comfort.  Know that as you rub this healing balm over your cut and sealed cords, you are giving yourself an added layer of healing and sealing.

Once you have completed this process, it is important that you rest a little while if possible.  This can be a very emotional process and it’s important that while you are learning to heal yourself, you are also gentle and loving with yourself at the same time.

Psychic Advice for Healing and Personal Security

psychic_adviceI created an activation to assist you in establishing your healing and personal security to ensure that you stand firm in the healing process and that no new attachments occur.  By using this activation regularly, you will establish a positive and powerful vibration that will no longer be in resonance with parasitic attachments and assist you in maintaining your healing as you gain strength.  To view the activation, please click the link below:

Psychic Advice for Healing & Personal Security Download the PDF copy of the Psychic Advice for Healing & Personal Security to use on a regular basis to establish and maintain your healing.

This concludes the Psychic Advice for Cutting Cords and Spiritual Contracts.  You are a powerful and divine creator being, able to use your own intention to define the life you desire and the reality you choose to experience.  By cutting the cords and attachments that bind you to low frequency people, emotions and behaviors, you set the tone and frequency for the positive, loving and harmonious life you desire to have.

I wish you much love and much healing power on your journey!

I AM Your Goddess, I AM Yourself!





Spiritual Guidance Counseling

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