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You have been seeking confirmation on what you need to do to begin having the experience in life you truly desire and deserve.  I have been asking my higher self to help me understand what is most necessary for you to know in this current moment and the message that came through is YOU MUST CHANGE.  Now is the hour of TRANSITION.   Now is the hour when you will cease to be what you have always been in order to become something completely new.

Universe:  Time of Completion

The Golden Dawn Tarot

I was given the UNIVERSE card for you.  This card symbolizes the act of completion of a cycle of life.  The TRANSITION you are experiencing is all about COMPLETION.  You must accept that the old experiences, relationships, habits, thoughts, feelings, environments, entertainment, socialization and nearly all you have ever known has come to the END OF ITS CYCLE AND IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO CHANGE.   Not only that, the Universe itself has changed and it’s the motivating factor in all of this and the reason we all must change.  The universe is vibrating at a higher frequency now accelerating thought forms, emotions, desires, intentions and experiences in such a way that is bring dramatic and chaotic change.  You must flow with this new energy in a very relaxed way in order to enjoy this experience the most.

King of wands: Things Look Good on the Surface

Priestess_SekhmetYou have also received the King of Wands card in your mental house which means that you or someone you are thinking of is feeling confident, empowered, and probably unaware of this true need to go in a completely new direction.  Perhaps you feel you have already made the needed changes.  Perhaps you see no need to change.  Nevertheless, this very confident and even creative mindset does not bring with it the experience that is truly desired in the current situation you are in.  If this is not you and it is someone you are thinking of, this person is not bringing you the desired experience you are wanting as well.  Whatever the case may be, I feel very strongly that if you look beneath the surface of things, you will see that serious changes need to be made in order for you to be truly happy right now.

Five of Cups:  Pain Lies Just Beneath the Surface

Priestess_SekhmetWhen asking about how you are doing emotionally I was given the 5 of Cups for you.  Emotional change is where your attention really must flow at this time.  It is time to let go of the past and it is time to move on.  It is time for you to figure out what makes you happy once again and know that the answer to your happiness will not rest in another person, and it will not rest in a false ego driven idea you may have of yourself, but your happiness lies right at the door of feeling your own emotions.  It is time for you to learn to feel your own pain and no longer deny it.  Your happiness is right on the other side of the door to your pain and it is time for you to open that door right now!  It is time for you to face it, look at your pain for what it truly is and realize it is only a memory.  You have been holding onto a painful memory of something that is no longer happening at this moment.  Now that you know what the pain is and now that you have faced it, you can release it and let it go.

Death:  Transition and Change is a Challenge

priestess_sekhmetThe Death card is in your house of challenge and means that your pain has long stood in the way of your needing to move on.  It has been difficult for you to change from deeply sad to happy again.  It has been difficult for you to forget things and let them go.  It has been difficult for you to remember what truly gives you joy, but the time has come for you to realize this now.  The time has come for you to realize that YOU CAN BE HAPPY AND EXPERIENCE JOY ONCE AGAIN!  Never say never, it’s never too late.  Now you know the problem and you have the solution.  All you need to do is decide you are ready to change.

Seven of Swords:  Things Are Not What They Seem

priestess_sekhmetYou are receiving this message right now because you are ready for the truth and you have been asking for it.  You have been asking that the truth would be revealed and you have been tired of not knowing the true answer.  To discover the truth, begin by asking yourself have you been honest with yourself about the way you truly feel?  Have you been listening to the truth your deep seated emotions have been crying out to convey to you?  Have you been completely honest with yourself about your own need and desire for personal inner change?  Have you been hiding from any un-dealt with pain or trauma?  The pain you are experiencing at this time is only the lingering residue of past emotional pain pushing its way to the surface and demanding to be seen.

Ten of Swords:  Major Need for Inner Healing

priestess_sekhmetThe Ten of Swords is on your pathway which means that now is a time of testing and and mental trial for you.  As you complete the end of your universal cycle, the need to tie up loose ends from your past are coming to the forefront of your life and appear to be creating some turbulence for you.  However, do not be dismayed for this is only a test and an opportunity for you to grow and transition into your new universal cycle.  The truth that is seeking to come to the surface is the truth of your sincere desire for change.  What you are experiencing may appear to be troubling, but try to understand that you are just going through a transition.  Things will get easier as you begin to make the necessary changes.

Two of Pentacles:  Needed Time to Re-Balance

priestess_sekhmetBuckle your seat belts and hold on for the ride as you will go up and down for a little while as you come to terms with the need for making the necessary changes in your life experience.  Give yourself time to make these adjustments as you learn how to balance the emotional energies and mental flux that change creates.   Trust and know that CHANGE IS OCCURRING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW!   Learn to go with the flow and learn to release the past!


Overall, this message is one of encouragement to confirm what you already know, now is the time to recognize your sincere need for change.  Subtle influences have allowed you to remain where you have been for far too long and it is time for the real you to come out of the shadows, begin the process of deep inner healing and opening the door to embrace your pain.  In the process, you will discover the pain will cease, a new and improved, healed version of yourself will manifest and happiness and true joy will return to your life!

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