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Change your Life with the Wish Jar Deluxe Manifesting System!

In order to manifest anything, it takes ENERGY!  Using the Wish Jar Deluxe Manifesting system will automatically create this energy by consistently using the system!

Replace poverty consciousness with prosperity consciousness!

Interact with the creative forces of nature (fire, water, air, earth and the power of the moon) in order to EMPOWER your manifestations!

Utilize this practical application for setting intentions and goal setting!

Gain more happiness, gratitude and an overall state of well being by realizing your POWER TO MANIFEST!


The Basic Wish Jar Kit comes with everything you need to cause manifestation to occur.  The “Secret, They Don’t Want You to Know,” is this…it takes more than positive thoughts and vision boards to “cause something to occur,” it takes Magick!  Magick is using the creative universal law of cause and effect in conjunction with the forces of nature (air, fire, water and earth) to create or manifest anything!

The Deluxe Wish Jar Kit comes with a little bit more.  The Kit includes the Basic Wish Jar Kit, Plus cleansing bath/floor wash to prepare yourself and ritual space for Wish Jar Magick and power herbs for manifesting money, love or spiritual power!


Your Complete Wish Jar Ritual Kit Includes


  • Your Magickal Wish Jar in Your Custom Color
  • Frankincense & Myrrh Oil
  • Holy Rose Water & Water Vial
  • Manifesting Candle with Magick Sigil
  • Magickal Seal
  • Manifesting Herb Power Packet
  • Ritual Cleansing Bath & Floor Wash for Manifesting
  • One Large Manifesting Crystal
  • The Complete Wish Jar Kit Manifesting Ritual


  • Manifest More Money & Financial Opportunities!
  • Change Your Luck & Attract New Energy!
  • Manifest More Love & Better Relationships!
  • Take Control of Your Reality & Get More of What You Want From Life!

Order Yours Today for Only $65!

House of Sekhmet


Traditionally an incense known for its potent powers in aiding spirituality and magick, our Frankincense Oil captures many of these qualities for use upon the altar or around the home. Whether used in a diffuser or to anoint your ritual tools, it is a potent aid in improving and empowering astral and spiritual strength for whatever endeavor you intend to undertake. More commonly, it is used in ritual to enhance the potency of spells of protection. Use our Frankincense Oil to also represent the astrological sign of Virgo, as well as the element of Air, allowing you to draw upon their powers for your ritual. $15.00

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Wonderful for filling the home with a sweet, serene fragrance, our Frankincense incense sticks are also traditionally used upon the altar as a great aid in spells of protection. They are also a great, traditional, aid in meditation and seeking astral and spiritual strength. Handcrafted, and of the highest quality, these charcoal based incense sticks are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of your home or being included in use for your favorite spells and rituals. Bulk packs are 100 g and are sold by weight – not stick count. Weight may be slightly less due to evaporation and drying of the excess liquid after packaging. Stick count varies due to several factors but is usually 95 – 100 sticks although the count is NOT guaranteed. Made in USA.  $15.97

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This beautiful little cauldron is created out of Cast Iron, it has three short legs and two handles on either side which supports a carrying handle that stretches between them. Decorated with a pentagram, this cauldron is a wonderful vessel for burning your ritual incense, tea light and votive candles, leaving offerings, or otherwise working your ritual craft. 3″ $15.97

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