I Had a Beautiful Magical Reading!


I had a beautiful magical reading today. It was also content rich and very specific and practical. All of which appeal to me on many levels! My strengths in Air and Earth showed up. And my huge Fire energy, which has been my main focus for so long, really roared in! It was really clear how out of balance I am in Water energy and how this is a handicap in completing manifestation and in other areas of my life.

So, bringing in and being with and in Water needs to be an area of focus, and deep relaxation and letting go into the flow and trusting. Along with deep breathing and increased meditation time. Here’s an interesting byproduct from this reading. My lawn mower has been in the repair shop for awhile. It was on my list to call about it and get an update. I’ve been not happy about the delays. I picked up the phone and then thought about the reading. So I turned the Fire way down and called in Water, flow, trust, coolness, moisture, and gentle breezes. The call went very well, so soft and easy, and my lawn mower will be ready this week!

I highly recommend getting one of her Energy readings!! Fun and truly helpful!!

Diane Hulig