Sekhmet Lifts Your Spirit!

Words barely describe what I experienced during today’s reading with Priestess Sekhmet. I will attempt to share. Immediate re-centering of myself, firstly, is where she guided me. Immediately feelings of focus followed by clarity followed by confirmations of what my Higher Self had been trying to communicate to me for weeks now.

Sometimes we do not trust the path we are on. Other times we may be confused about experiences along our journey. Often times, we may be at a tug-of-war regarding any matter of life’s experience. I believe deeply, that especially during these times that every human experiences, specially gifted beings are placed in our path to illuminate and burn off the hazy, foggy or darkness. That is what Sekhmet does.

Reading was ON POINT. Timing..ON POINT. I celebrate this experience and highly recommend her as an honest thorough solutions oriented reader. She puts you at ease and lifts your spirit as well🙏!
I appreciate you,

Latic Heart