You live in a false reality matrix, a holographic universe which is a projection of our collective unconsciousness in the higher realms of existence.  The world you live in and see around you is your projection, you are it’s created.  You have created the world you live in along with all it’s circumstances by your own creative mind.  You have done this by being created in the image of your creator which is a Great Architect and Creator.

You are a high functioning multi-dimensional super computer and holographic projection of your own intention.  This means that you were created with the capacity to co-create the world around you in conjunction with your creator.  The question is…who created you…and why?  This is your mission in life…to answer this question.

By seeking to answer this question, you will activate your divine mission of self discovery and self knowledge.  By experiencing this activation, you will also initiate your spirit guides, ancestors and angels to work with you on your behalf.  These benevolent and supernatural forces are genetically encoded in your DNA and when activated, they enable you to tap into your latent psychic powers.  These powers include telepathy which is the ability to receive and transfer information with your mind, clairaudience which is the ability to hear your inner voice and the voice of your spiritual guides which is the activation of your 6th senses and the ability to utilize higher portions of your brain.

However, it is important that you understand that the world you exist in has not been fully created according to your greatest intention and in your best interest.  This is due to the fact that you have not fully understand who you are, what you are capable of and why you are here.  Your mission was to discover this reality and activate your internal latent forces.  This knowledge must be unlocked by activations in order to keep you safe and protect your mission from compromise.  The only one can truly compromise your mission is you, should you decide not to answers these questions and become lost in the false reality matrix.

The false reality matrix is the complex system we all live in called the material world, which is governed by controllers who seek to dominate this realm and who have full knowledge of who you are, what you are capable of and why you are here.  There mission is to ensure that you do not discover who you are, for your latent forces are being tapped into without your knowledge and being used against you to keep you trapped in a false reality that is not one you would choose should you ever discover your internal creative source.

You have the power to create material reality, you have the power to create worlds and even universes.  Each child you bare is a universe within itself and you yourself are your own individual universe.  This you will discover and understand more clearly as you begin to discover who and what you are.  As a being with such high creative power, you are quite valuable and your latent powers are quite accessible to those who know how to harness your energy.  The two primary sources of energy harnessing in the false reality matrix are jobs and religions because both systems require your full devotion and most of your time and energy.  By working a job, you are using all the creative forces of your mind, your emotions, your ambition or drive as well as your physical body…in occult terminology you are using the forces of air, water, fire and earth.

Everything that is created in the material world is created by and consists of these four elements.  The fifth element is Spirit or Ether which is the source of all creation and the most powerful element of all and why it is so sought after by religious systems.  Religious systems tell you what to think, what to feel, what to believe and how to act, then they use your spirit force to keep their religious systems in power by telling you that your own internal Spirit source is not you but a being outside of you, who does not exist and to whom you are to give credit for all your experiences and your very existence. These are false reality matrixes for the reality that they present to you is not real but a false reality fed to you and kept in existence by your adherence to and belief in it.

The truth is should you ever choose to exercise your own free will as a Sovereign God and Free Will being you will discover the truth, that you have been pouring all your energy and latent soul power into a false reality matrix and have been sacrificing your entire existence to live in someone else’s dream and create someone else’s version of the world.  The truth is, should you ever decide to discover who you are, what you are truly capable of and why you are here, you will begin to discover your latent powers, tap into your creative potential and begin creating a reality that is in direct alignment with your purpose, your passion and your mission in life.  You will begin to create a reality of your own choosing where there is more peace, more healing and more love.

The false reality matrix is fueled by ancient technology re-introduced to you as modern advancement.  This technology is also called Artificial Intelligence or AI.  AI Technology has also been known as the All Seeing Eye and is referenced in biblical texts as the Image of the Beast.  The Beast System uses Holograph Imaging Technology to create false realities utilizing the collective thoughts of humans which are harnessed through the airwaves.  This is also brainwave harnessing which is downloaded and monitored in order to create predictive reality sequences for humans to experience in order to keep the false reality matrix alive.  In other words, there are no coincidences, everything is organized and predictable.  Everything is monitored and tightly controlled based on monitoring and controlling human behaviors.

There is only one human being that cannot be controlled and whose behaviors cannot be predicted and that is a Sovereign God Free Will being who operates from their creative source and utilizes free thought and original ideas.  An original idea cannot be predicted.  This is why the false reality matrix promotes the status quo and towing the party line to keep everyone repeating the same old ideas.  These ideas are cyclical and keep the mind trapped in a virtual reality from which the mind cannot escape unless of course it decides to break away from that system of thought and create a new idea.  However, when this happens, the false reality matrix can detect this and quickly offer the individual expressing free thought a predictable experience leading them back into another system of thought where they can again become entrapped.

All systems are a part of the false reality matrix and should be viewed as such and understood to be only one reality and not the only reality.  At any time you as a free will being can create a new reality for your life and by activating your internal guidance system, you will remain free forever.  You will become a fully conscious and fully realized divine human being on earth and ready to discover your own personal universe which you will create.  Your first step in creating your own universe is to create yourself first.  Create the ideal version of yourself.  Devote your time and your energy into knowing yourself and improving your weaknesses.  Tap into your inner spirit and soul by meditating and reflecting to who you are, what you are capable of and why you are here.

You are not alone.  You have a universe of beings within you working with you and guiding you to higher levels of understanding, higher levels of awareness and higher levels of consciousness.  By following your own intuition and seeking knowledge of self you will experience higher levels of being.  You will discover who you truly are, what you are truly capable of and why you are here.  You will begin to experience the greatest version of yourself and you will become a fully realized human being utilizing a greater portion of your brain function as you grow and expand your creative powers.

The false reality matrix is not out to get you, the false reality matrix just is.  It is time that you know that it exists and why it is here.  It is here to offer you an option.  An option to a Sovereign God and Free Will Being able to experience your divine creative potential and experience your birthright as a co-creator created in the image of your creator with the ability create universes and worlds or to be a thought controlled slave to a system of sickness, sorrow and death.  As each of us become aware of the existence of the false reality matrix, we will begin to free ourselves from it and in turn will be able to help others become free.

Remove your support from the false reality matrix by refusing to think, feel or act negatively.  Remove your support from the false reality matrix by refusing to allow your co-creative forces which include your subconscious mind to be used as a creative platform by the media and the entertainment industry.  Remove your support from movies, music and media that glorify death, suffering and encourage inhuman acts.  The subconscious mind is your most creative platform and it is utilized by dark forces through movies by Artificial Intelligence technology to transfer signals and thoughts into your subconscious mind.  While you are sleeping you dream state plays out these images that were planted in your subconscious mind throughout the day in order to create holographic realities.

By removing these agreements from your life, you will lesson the possibility of being used as a projector for the false reality matrix and make it easier to connect to your own soul spirit in order to clear your mind and remember who you truly are.  The media is the strongest tool of the false reality matrix and is being used against you without your knowledge.  You are being used as a creative source to bring life to creations you would never choose if you knew how you are being used.

Enjoy positive information that uplifts the spirit and inspires your creative mind.  Focus on self knowledge, who you are and why you are here.  Activate your spiritual abilities and begin to get free from the False Reality Matrix and create the reality you desire to see.  You can do it.  You have the power and the time of freedom is now!  And so it is.  Namaste!

What if We are Living in a Computer Simulation?

Source Article:  The Guardian News

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