The Pink Apple Project is a 21 Day manifesting system to teach you how to program manifesting techniques into your daily routine!  It has already been proven, it takes 21 days to develop a habit.  The Pink Apple Project will support you during the next 21 day cycle to get in the habit of manifesting so you can begin GETTING MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE!

The Pink Apple system includes:

  • Download Your 21 Day Pink Apple Guide (81 page Workbook Jam Packed with Tools, Techniques and Worsksheets!)
  • Download My Magick Manifesting List Sample and  Your Magick Manifesting List Blank Copy
  • Download Links to Self Hypnosis Mobile App for Android or Iphone
  • Download Links to Your Affirmation Mobile App for Android or Iphone
  • Download Links to Your Goals Mobile App for Android or Iphone
  • PDF Download Your Daily Checklist
  • PDF Download Your Emotional Vibration Scale
  • PDF Download Your Magick Journal
  • PDF Download Your 7 Manifesting Mantras
  • PDF Download Your Gratitude Prompts
  • Acces to our private Pink Apple Facebook Accountability Group for:
    • Group Manifesting Projects and Daily Exercises
    • Personal/Group Coaching with Priestess Sekhmet
    • Weekly Group Video Training Sessions and Facebook Live Q&As with Priestess Sekhmet

21 Days of Coaching with Priestess Sekhmet on manifesting intentions through alpha state breathing, visualization and self hypnosis!  Check out my reviews here! Testimonials

Benefits You Will Receive!

  • Learn how to meditate and visualize specifically for manifesting intentions
  • Learn how to use alpha state breathing and self hypnosis for manifesting intentions
  • Learn how to utilize your chakra energy systems for manifesting intentions
  • Learn how to balance your chakras with chakra mantras
  • Learn how to raise your vibration and maintain a positive frequency for manifesting
  • Get access to the tools for successfully manifesting and 4 weeks of video training!
  • Receive one on one support and group coaching for the next 4 weeks!

The Pink Apple Project was inspired, after listening  to the recent interview with Justin Perry from  Check it out!

You are Creators’ Justin Perry:  Mannifesting Your Dream Home

The Next Pink Apple Project will begin Sunday October 22nd!  To get started Sign Up below!

Step One:  Watch the video “Manifesting Your Dream Home” with Justin Perry of YouAreCreators, as seen above to hear his amazing story.

Step Two:   Sign Up for the Pink Apple Project – 21 Day Manifesting Program.

Step Three:  Check your email for your 21 Day Guidebook and Manifesting Materials.

Step Four:  Download the Self Hypnosis and Affirmation Mobile Phone  Apps.   Links and more info will be included in your Welcome Package.

Step Five:  Join my secret Facebook group The Pink Apple Project and post a selfie with a short statement of your intention for joining the group.

Step Six:  Check into our private support group every day for the next 21 Days.  The program will reset every 4 weeks.  Receive support and accountability coaching. with Priestess Sekhmet!

Step Seven:  Be sure to check into the group every Sunday Morning for video training on how to manifest with Priestess Sekhmet!

The Next Pink Apple Project will begin Sunday October 22nd!

Sign Up Now! Only $125 for your 4 week Group Coaching Subscription!

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