Meditation for Clearing & Manifestation

I utilize various forms of meditation in my practice for clearing  and manifestation.  Clearing is necessary to remove negative energy, subversive thought forms and self limiting behaviors that can block manifestation from occurring.

Manifestation involves setting intentions for desired outcomes utilizing the power of the mind in alignment with divine will through the divine godhead trinity (father/mother/self or Christ Consciousness).

I utilize a variety of philosophies including Ancient Egyptian, commonly known as Hermetic Philosophy (Kemetic Spirituality).  It is my opinion that all spiritual practices of the world are based on Hermetic Philosophy which is a divine mind science.

Dream Analysis

I am a Clairvoyant Dreamer and self published my own book of clairvoyant dreams in 2006.  After many years of recording, analyzing and categorizing my own dreams, I have developed my own practice of Dream Analysis that has proven very helpful.  Dreams come to us from our subconscious mind and always have a message for us no matter how meaningless they may appear on the surface.  Dreams tell us a lot about ourselves and hold the power to give us answers to our most pressing questions and guidance to direct us in our daily affairs.

Artistic Creative Visualization

I utilize the power of Artistic Creative Visualization for manifestation.  Not only is creative visualization a powerful artform but it is also based in science.  Through the use of creative visualization I have been able to manifest my biggest desires and strongly promote this very effective use of imagination for creating what you want in life.

Journaling & Creative Writing

Journaling has been a major practice of mine for many years and I owe much of my skill as a communicator and metaphysician to my ability to keep a structured journal.  Over the years my journaling has evolved from note taking on the many powerful books I have read  to a supportive way of manifesting my intentions.  I always use creative writing when setting any intention.

Creative Affirmation & Words of Power

Our words have creative power.  In ancient times the spoken and written word were considered magic and only used by certain people in the society.  This is also where we get the idea of spell or spelling.  I always use the I AM principle in my affirmations and speak things into existence as if they have already occurred.  Through practice and ritual I have also been able to turn creative affirmations into an artform for manifestation.

Ancestor Rituals

I have developed a strong connection to my ancestors that have crossed over from my recent past and as far back as ancient times.  This is very easy to do once we realize that death does not exist and our loved ones are with us at all times.  They are always assisting us whether we know it or not and developing an open line of communication with them only makes our lives that more richer, lovely and stronger.  Working with the Ancestors has taught me the benefits of calling on their assistance for manifestation of every kind.

Goddess Rituals

The Goddess represents the Divine Feminine quality that exists in nature and manifests on all levels of existence.  Goddess ritual allows us to tap into that quality and utilize feminine creative potential to empower all of our creations.  The Goddess path is a path to the Self no matter whether you are male or female.  Nothing exists without the mother.  Glorifying the mother principle is the absolute best thing any human being can ever do on earth, period.

Moon Magick & Planetary Magick

The Sun, Moon and Constellations clearly have creative potential.  Farmers have utilized these forces for eons to cultivate crops and other things.  The wise also use these forces to impregnate and empower their intentions which is an intelligent use of nature in conjunction with the power of the mind.  Learning to use these forces collectively will help us tap into our own healing abilities and effectively use the mind to direct energy.  I use Moon and Planetary magick to stay in rhythm with nature, keep focused to empower intentions and staying grounded on a daily basis.

In Closing

I am committed to these therapies and have been for many years as a form of self love, self healing and personal growth that has served me effectively and extremely well.  I am now openly sharing them with you at the expense of being judged by those who simply do not understand.  What I am offering is a way…not the only way, but a powerful and easy way to focus the mind, heal the body and maximize one’s personal potential.  I do this at my own expense.  I do this from a place of divine love.  Ankh Udja Seneb!  Life, Prosperity and Good Health!