Michael Jackson Triumph Video Symbolism

The history of the world. A falling star. A dream of a better world of unity without racism. A great flood or wave of incoming light. Incoming solar light particles. Fires of the spirit and the energies of the triumphant souls sending energy from the forces of nature, earth, water, fire and air creating a tremendous force of light waves to the earth. Awakening the soul of humanity being poured out upon the earth. Souls from the higher realms being disseminated out of these forces and down to the earth. Notice the egyptian posture poses forming a circle around what appears to be a portal in the sky. People see and feel the light particles falling down upon them and they begin to embrace the light. The people see a rainbow of light connected to a bridge. This is the rainbow bridge I told you about. MJ lifts up this rainbow bridge and sends water and fire into it. All the children can see this bridge. Bubbles of light with souls inside of them fall down towards the earth as if the peoples souls are reconnecting to them from the higher realms as the sun begins to rise behind the mountains. As the sun appears fully in the sky it looks exactly like a flaming solar eclipse. This eclipse is engulfed in a flame of fire. This is the same fire of the spirit that has been pouring out upon all the people on earth. The view goes through the eclipse as if entering a portal into the outer realms of space and then comes back through the eclipse showing you that the sun is a gateway to another dimension as it the people below are looking up toward it with their hands in the air as if they are reaching up toward this powerful solar event. Perhaps they are receiving their own souls that came down through the bubbles of light. Darkness covers them momentarily as if the eclipse is in totality. Then the people see the symbol of a peacocks feather coming through the portal of the eclipse. (Peacock symbolism: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness. In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock tail has the “eyes” of the stars. Christianity:- associated with holiness, sanctity & represents resurrection, renewal & immortality within spiritual teachings. The peacock was a symbol of immortality as the ancients believed that the peacock flesh did not decay after death. Early Christian paintings & mosaics featured imagery of peacocks and peacock feathers were used during Easter celebrations. The symbol of immortality is also linked to Christ.) The people appear to be waiting for something amazing to happen when a Native American man looks as though he understands the mystery of the peacock feather. Then he holds hands with everyone present to form a united front of all people from the past and present to celebrate the renewal of planet earth in love and peace.

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